Humidity Rules

My normal journey to a sweltering Sigoules this morning began rather earlier than it should, which meant poor Jackie was forced to rise from sleep before she would have liked.  This was because I was unable to check in on line.  Flybe’s representative had told me yesterday afternoon that Southampton airport had ‘taken over prematurely’.  He, too, was unable to process me, so, like everyone else, I had to join a queue.  Dana, Sandrine’s husband, was my chauffeur from Bergerac to Sigoules.

Back hall

Back hall by shower roomSitting room wallIt was a good thing that Saufiene had phoned me yesterday, because the firmly shut up house had suffered from a hot and humid summer which still persists.  The lack of outside air has wreaked its havoc.  Necessary work is under way.  Otherwise it would have been something of a shock.  The insulation applied earlier in the year has held, but more is required, especially in the attic which needs insulating.  The back hall on the ground floor, and the chimney breasts in the sitting room have been affected the most.  The bedrooms, kitchen, and front hall are clean and dry.

Toxic fumes from black mould and fungus have been trapped in the cellar, necessitating the wearing of a protective mask for entry. Sandra in attic Anthony starting on trapdoorA lighter trapdoor is being manufactured, and Saufiene, with the required protection, will examine it further tomorrow.

The new company’s expanded team are doing the work because Thierry has to be at the bedside, 300 km away, of his 98 year old hospitalised mother.  He and Geoffrey sent their regards.

Insulation materialSandra is well equipped to decorate the attic.

As the workers were about to leave, they discovered that the bath outlet was blocked.  They applied a solution to deal with that, but a perished joint needs changing.  Tomorrow.

The irritating beeping of a smoke detector signalled that a replacement battery was in order.  I replaced it.  The device still beeped.  The new battery must have been exhausted.  I know I was when I made a second trip to Carrefour for one that wasn’t.  There I discovered an obsolete English shilling and a still current East Caribbean 25 cent piece in the change I swear I was given there earlier.

I dined on a muesli starter followed by a ham and tomato baguette, before repairing to Le Code Bar for a warm welcome and a cold Stella.

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