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  • A Knight’s Tale (146: Big Clean Days)

    My penultimate day in Sigoules during February 2013 was what David had termed a ‘big clean’ day.  It is the mandatory preparation for the next visitors.  Washing and ironing was the least of it, because that had been done throughout my stay. I worked my way down from the top.  First the sweeping and hoovering, […]

  • An Introduction To The Bastides.

    This morning I received an e-mail from the agent selling my French house. Attached was the document for me to sign giving the solicitor the authority to sign the contract on my behalf. Three of the original errors persisted. I responded by asking the agent whether I should alter these by hand. My signature has […]

  • The Fountains of Bergerac

    It hadn’t been a good idea to sit up half the night watching the general election which resulted in a hung Parliament. Not when I had to make a start on putting together accounts information for my accountant. Not when we received a surprise visit from a prospective buyer for the house next door to […]

  • The UK Citizenship Test

    2.9.14 Early this morning I wandered around Sigoules. Despite the fact that the last few days have been gloriously sunny, yesterday was the official ending of summer in France. Today the children returned, surprisingly eagerly, to school. They were certainly not, as Shakespeare put it, ‘creeping like snail unwillingly’. Signalling autumn, the low sun cast […]

  • Leona

    Illuminated by a strong sun in a clear blue sky, the same paths I walked yesterday looked very different.  The dripping pegs now held a line of washing.  The pumpkins had been harvested; the windfalls seemed more palatable; and butterflies flitted among the vines. Today Moreen drove us to the marvellous house, built by Paul and […]

  • That Champagne Moment

    The mist that enshrowded a recently slumbering Sigoules rousing, stretching, and rubbing its eyes this morning augured as well as yesterday’s clear sky.  We were not disappointed.  We had a gloriously sunny day when Mo, John and I later ambled around Bergerac and did some shopping. As I walked up past Les Caves, from which, […]

  • Presents

    The pastel shades of the marbled paper that was the dawn sky over Sigoules looked promising this morning.  I walked the La Briaude loop.  Filigreed leaves along the Eymet Road confronted the rising sun whose light gradually crept across the fields. Birds sang, cocks crew, and hens cackled.  The enraged bellowing of a man seeming […]

  • Keats’s Season

    Yesterday the loft insulation was carried out.  A damp beam betrays the broken tiles which need replacing on the roof.  The back hall was prepared for specialised papering. Maggie and Mike collected me in the evening and drove me to their home at Eymet where we enjoyed a meal focussing on a Russian fish pie, […]

  • A Challenging Mood

    More tidying up this morning included righting slipping Granny.  Flo’s portrait of Jackie, made some years ago, when our granddaughter was still quite small, needed a little Blu-tack.  This process reminded me that the picture had been created on the back of a noodle bar paper placemat whilst awaiting a meal.  I believe Pablo Picasso […]

  • A Beguiling Smile

    I had my first extended conversation with the local roadsweeper this morning.  It was mostly about the weather, but that still counts.  We are to have rain, which had already begun, on and off over the weekend.  But it is needed for the fields.  This was more successful than my attempted contribution to the discussion […]