Family Pride

Last night at Le Code Bar I was the proudest man there.  The television room seemed to have been commandeered by raucus English pride.  I sat quietly choking throughout the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.  By the time it finished it was well into today.  Consequently I didn’t wake up this morning until the unheard of hour of 11.15.

I knew that Sam had been involved in the committee adminstration for the whole five years since the bid was gained; that Holly had joined the team a year later as an environmentalist; that Adam had designed and managed a surprise at the end; and that Thea had produce some of the costumes.  Naturally I had told David and Frederick all this.  David enjoyed ragging me with the comment that this ceremony, and, indeed, the whole event, could not have taken place without the Knight family.  In one respect, he was right.  Adam Keenan, take a bow.

First we were treated to a spectacular and stunning live tableau of British social and cultural history.  The Olympic stadium had been transformed into the metamorphosing UK landscapes.  The choreography of the sheer numbers of characters and dancers was absolutely mind-blowing.  I gave up trying to imagine which costumes Thea had designed.  Knowing her, I suspect it was the most colourful.  Being determined to see this through to the end, I was well rewarded.  The lights were dimmed and transformed into a translucent blue.  From a central tunnel, one by one, emerged many magnificent working models of doves of peace.  This had Adam’s stamp all over it.  I doubt that anyone in the vast live audience could have seen that each one was powered by a cyclist.  Even on television this was spectacular.  Flapping their wings, the white doves against the blue of the sky, as they encircled the arena were incredibly effective.  One soared aloft.

We then heard speeches followed by various runners bearing the torch.  A drunken Englishman took pleasure in bawling into everyone’s ears a question concerning who would be the final torchbearer.  I firmly said ‘no idea’ and he left me in peace..  The answer turned out to be a team, each individual lighting points on machinery which rose to meet in the centre.  Well pleased, I went off to bed.

Today, Maggie and Mike collected me for a tour of garden centres, and took me back to Eymet for chicken casserole.  Sandrine drove my taxi home.

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