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  • Ramadan

    Somewhat against the clock, Jackie sped me to Southampton airport early this morning for a trip to Sigoules. The reason for the haste was that once again there had been a problem with the on-line check-in and I anticipated the same difficulties as last time when, because my surname had been registered as JohnKnight, the […]

  • Sole Survivor

    Yesterday’s mid-day meal at Le Code Bar consisted of a noodle soup, ham salad, and plentiful roast chicken and chips followed by a Paris-Brest dessert, of which a welcome second helping was, with a smile, placed on my table by Fred as I worked on my blog post. Later, I watched Prime Suspect Two. The […]

  • Peepo

    Up early this morning, Orlaith is still wary of me, although she was tempted to peep out from the shelter of her Dad’s legs. When I opened the kitchen bin to add a firmly wrapped up disposable nappy, I found half the contents of the spice rack posted in there. I hadn’t used my printer […]

  • Able Assignments To The Rescue

    18th May 2013 A heavy deluge and a distant thunderstorm beset us yesterday afternoon and throughout the night.  Intermittent rain and strong, cold, winds persisted today, so it is just as well that I continued cleaning, tidying, and hanging pictures. After this I amused myself writing out a bilingual snagging list.  I suppose the need […]

  • She Snatched My Wallet

    ‘De Sa Grande Amie’ is a short rondeau by Clement Marot, which I read before Lydie arrived to take me to Bergerac airport for my return to England.  It was easy to read. My driver’s cough was worse than sometimes, but she was her usual cheerful self.  This sexagenarian woman is a stalwart character, full […]

  • Columbo

    Last night Lydie arrived on time to collect Bill and me and return us to Sigoules.  She and I had our usual debate about what she should be paid.  She always charges less than appears on the clock and I always give her a little more, which is still less than other companies charge.  This […]

  • On The Plane

    Before setting off by my usual transport methods to Sigoules this morning I left Flo a note granting her permission to use my chair, my computer, and my house keys for the rest of her stay.  I trust she felt honoured.  We are very pleased that she will keep her Grannie company whilst I am […]

  • Surprisingly Picturesque

    Although I have been unable to confirm the nationality of a gang of childhood friends from the early 1950s, my recollection is that it was ‘the Czechs’ we did battle with in those days.  For some reason Jackie and I got talking about this over coffee this morning.  Refugee families had been housed in a […]

  • People-watching

    Last night I watched ‘La Dame En Noir’, the French version of ‘The Woman in Black’, a gothic treatment of Susan Hill’s ghost story.  Directed by James Watkins, this was beautifully and terrifyingly filmed in marvellously muted colour.  In order not to spoil it for future viewers I will simply say that Daniel Radcliffe is […]

  • A Watershed

    1.2.13 It is ivy on the wall attracting my numerous noisy little avian friends, not the virginia creeper which isn’t yet foliated.  Last evening, no matter how long or how often I sat patiently waiting, camera in hand, they scarpered at my first movement.  A flurry of feathers and they were gone.  All would be […]