Prawn Risotto

When I was a child in the 1940s and ’50s, we regularly had two posts a day. By this I mean two deliveries of mail by a postman (I don’t think women were delivering letters in those days). This is a different kind of post and I only deliver two when I press Publish prematurely, as I did this afternoon.

So, in order not to disappoint those who wish to know what we had for dinner, here is today’s second post.

We enjoyed glistening prawn risotto with which I drank La Patrie Cahors 2012 and Jackie Nobilo Limited Reserve sauvignon blanc 2013 from Marlborough, New Zealand.

Prawn risotto

Not having made this before, it was something of an experiment to which our chef would make some amendments next time. Having every confidence in them (ratio of stock to wine, and addition of black pepper) I will present the meal with the projected changes included.

To my mind there was nothing awry with the consumed version, but I bow to Jackie’s discernment.

To serve six generous portions:

Take 3 medium chopped onions; 2 fat crushed cloves of garlic; 50 gm of butter and a little olive oil; 1 litre hot vegetable stock containing half a dozen good shakes of Maggi liquid seasoning; 1 large glass of white wine (and one for yourself – Jackie’s choice was the Nobilo mentioned above); juice of 1 lemon; 2 tbsp chopped fresh basil if available, if not, 1tbsp dried softened in boiling water; 400 gm of Italian risotto rice; most of a packet of frozen peas; 300gm packet of Sainsbury’s basic frozen prawns (any prawns will do, even kings – if fresh they need less cooking, just until they go pink). Black pepper seasoning.

A garnish of grated parmesan cheese is optional. We tried each in turn. I preferred mine without; Jackie didn’t mind which.

Method: Cooked in a wok.

Derrick stirring risottoBegin by frying the onions and garlic in the oil and butter until soft. Then throw in the rice and stir for about 5 minutes then add the wine until it bubbles. Then gradually, add the stock one dollop (strange word for liquid, but that’s what she said) at a time, stirring each one in until it is absorbed.

Don’t be frightened if the mixture looks too watery. This rice is very absorbent and soon swells out. I should know, for I did some of the agitation.

With the last addition, (large spoonful, I’d say), add the peas, prawns, basil, and lemon juice and stir for a few minutes until the frozen ingredients are cooked right through. At some stage season with the black pepper.

When I’ve posted this, we will watch episode 1 of the third series of ‘Call the Midwife’, on BBC iPlayer.

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