Residential History Continued

As stated yesterday, Jessica, Sam, Louisa, and I moved to Lindum House in Beacon Hill Road Newark, on 10th December 1987.  This home was large enough for all the southern family members to come and stay, and they often did.  Sam, Louisa & friends 5.89Its large garden was a haven for children, as evidenced by this photograph from Louisa’s Birthday party in May 1989.  The games were organised by Kate, a teenaged baby sitter.  Sam gleefully advances in a T-shirt that for some reason I don’t remember sports my signature.  Louisa sits a little behind and to his side.  All the children in the photograph were regular visitors until the house was sold in 2006; some, as they grew older, would often stay overnight, particularly if they lived in villages outside the town and had socialised in it.  By now I was using an Olympus OM2. I cannot find the negative so this reproduction is from a scanned print.

With Jessica’s death from multiple myeloma now a matter of time the house was sold in December of that year and I rented a flat in Hyde Park Square, SW London.  The story of this three week fiasco is told in ‘Aaargh!’.  Chesterton’s, clearly feeling they owed me something, provided me with a six month let in a house in Leinster Mews, just opposite Kensington Gardens.  After this I had three years at 29 Sutherland Place, in the lounge of which I am seated in Alex Schneideman’s portrait featured in ‘Showstopper’.

By the summer of 2010, Jackie and I, now reunited, took a flat in The Ridgway SW19, a street in which I had dreamed of living throughout my childhood.  This establishment is described in ‘A Professional Clean’.

Castle Malwood Lodge 10.12

P.S. I pressed Publish prematurely again.  After a year in The Ridgway we moved, until Jackie’s retirement, to a quirky little 1930s flat in Links Avenue, Morden, which we left in November 2012 for Castle Malwood Lodge, in Minstead, Hampshire.  We have the ground floor flat on the right hand corner of the photograph.

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  1. I am getting confused – Jessica, Sam, Louisa (where is Michael?) and many others – who are these people?
    I need a family tree!

    • Thanks Jane, for your continued interest. You will see from my exchange with Alex above that my Ramblings have become a rather more extensive project than originally envisaged. I am not surprised that you are confused, especially as third wife Jessica (deceased) passed her name onto our granddaughter. I imagine you will not be the only puzzled reader. I am therefore producing another post today, entitled ‘My Branch Of The Family Tree’.

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