The Rose

House to letBecky and Ian were today due to view a house to rent in Oving in West Sussex.  After an early lunch Jackie and I drove out there to surprise them with our moral support.  We arrived half an hour before the appointment time.  Jackie waited in the car whilst I had a wander around Oving, a pretty village surrounded by cornfields.Cornfield

The Gribble InnI discovered that the village shop constituted a bar of The Gribble Inn.The Gribble Shop  After the viewing we repaired to the inn where we whiled away the rest of the afternoon discussing the pros and cons of the property.  It was a big plus that this was the only place so far where Scooby, their dog, would be acceptable.  The couple will sleep on the decision about whether they will get to sleep inside the house.

The weather was still hot enough to keep us inside the pub. The Gribble shop inside From the windows we could could see the very pleasant garden and outside seating area. The Gribble Inn garden They specialised in those beers inviting drunken Spoonerisms, like Plucking Pheasant and Fuzzy Duck.  The locals were disgusted when I showed a distinct lack of inebriation when ordering the Pheasant which wasn’t available anyway.

Just in time for their opening, we drove in convoy to The Magna restaurant in Bognor Regis.Please do not park here  We parked in a side street where we were rather amused by what seemed to be a blatant disregard for a set of No Parking notices, two of which were propped up against the offending vehicle.  Magna restaurantAlthough it was once a regular venue of Jackie’s, I have only been to the Magna a couple of times before.  Our first arrival had caused us some confusion in trying to locate it.  This is because she was convinced it was called The Rose.  When she was given a complimentary red rose at the end of the meal she realised the reason for the misnomer.  Two years on from our last visit, she and Becky were given the customary red roses.

The meal was good.  Cobra, Bangla, and Diet Coke were drunk.  I slept through most of the journey home.  Fortunately Jackie stayed awake.

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