Venturing Out

Mahonia in snow 1.13By this morning, yesterday’s snow had desisted.  The garden and the forest were still well enough covered to offer a myriad of classic winter scenes.  Our Mahonia presented an interesting outline framing the whitened leaves, whilst its yellow flowers peeped through.  A certain amount of thawing had turned a little of the drive’s coating to slush, and rendered the more used roads clear, as I walked the Shave Wood loop.Snowman, Little Thatch 1.13

Little Thatch cottage boasted a seasonal doorman.

My journey today was partly in order to reconnoitre the roads to see if we would manage to drive out later.  I discovered that it would all depend on whether we could negotiate the drive.  Once on the street leading to Minstead it would be safe enough, except for the lane through London Minstead.  This hilly, winding, route was still a bit icy, and the slush would freeze over again later. Snowy forest 1.13Snowy forest 1.13 (3)JPG The roads through the forest were fairly clear, and the streams and ditches were, for the time being, flowing again.Fence on snowy horizon 1.13

There was no sign of ponies today; no animals; no hoofprints; no droppings.Birdshit 1.13

An overhead flier had added a splash of colour to the black and white landscape.

Late this afternoon, with some trepidation and a certain amount of sliding about, Jackie managed to extricate the car from the drive, and take us to The Firs.  We collected my Apple computer and all its added equipment; packed them into the boot and the back seats; and went off to Eastern Nights with Elizabeth.  We enjoyed the usual excellent meal there, and drank Cobra and Bangla.  The food was served up rather quicker than often, so we were able to return home quite early, and safely.

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