Pooh Sticks

On this rather dull morning I wandered along the Wandle bank in Morden Hall Park; came out onto Morden Hall Road; turned left, then right into St. Helier Avenue; right again along Bristol Road; left into Central Road; then crossed London Road into Morden Park, through which I made my way back to Links Avenue.

Building works which have been continuing for some months now, upon inspection turn out to be the first London example of an Archimedes Screw.  This is a micro hydro-electric turbine, a modern waterwheel which will harness the power of the river Wandle to generate enough electricity to provide for the renovated stable yard.  A working model is already installed there.  The workmen were just finishing their break.  Mothers and children were enjoying the rose garden, as was a gentleman reading.  I admired Morden Cottage on my way to the bank.

Having been long intrigued by two statues situated on the far side of the bank, yet unable to get close enough to examine or to photograph them properly, I asked a man strimming some weeds if he knew a way across.  He suggested swimming or paddling.  Since this didn’t seem a very elegant method, I enquired at the Property Office.  Unfortunately my informant was correct.  Anyone carrying out general maintenance has to wade across.  This is a deliberate attempt to protect these relics from vandalism, which they have already suffered.  The shop does not carry postcards of these works of art.  So I did my best.

On my way past the rose garden I had seen a woman showing a little girl the water flowing under a small bridge.  I had suggested you could play Pooh Sticks here.  Whilst the adult smiled at this and acknowledged that you could, it didn’t happen.  En route to the Property Office, I met Ruby and her mother, with her little brother in a pushchair.  I had heard Ruby’s Mum saying that when they had gathered enough sticks they could play a game.  ‘You’re not going to play Pooh Sticks are you?’, I asked, hopefully.  ‘Yes, we often play it’, was the reply.  They were making their way to an ornate bridge across the fast-flowing stream.  They were happy to be photographed in this activity.

Hello Ruby.

Another bridge, this time in Central road, across the railway, afforded an alternative view of the mosque, of which I had been given a tour on 18th. May.  In Morden Park the marquees had been removed, and the hay from the meadow was being baled up.  What has not been removed is the flytipping. (see yesterday’s post)

This evening Jackie and I enjoyed a varied salad.  I drank some Carta Roja Gran Reserva 2005.  Jackie’s tipple was Hoegaarden.

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  1. Charming, Derrick! I can’t believe that, in all the years I had an office in nearby Croydon and spent time generally buzzing around the area, that I have never been to this place.

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