Mine, All Mine.


This morning we dumped two more bags of garden cuttings in the Effort Recycling Centre. Β Some of the branches had required sawing, so I cut up a few logs first. Afterwards we visited the GP surgery in Milford on Sea to make appointments for flu jabs; then drove back to New Milton to arrange an eye test at Boots Opticians.

We were then free for a forest drive.

Holmsley Passage

Holmsley Passage is beginning to show touches of autumn.


A pair of cyclists freewheeled, two abreast, down the hill into Burley, swinging round to their left.

Moorland with poniesPonies on moorland 2

Russet ponies on the moorland beyond the village merged with the brown bracken.

Waterlogged moorWaterlogged moor and cyclist

Patches of the terrain are becoming waterlogged,

Leaves in pool 1

with plants disappearing under water,

Waterlogged moor and ponies 1Waterlogged moor and pony 1Pony beside pool

and grazing animals not having far to travel for a drink.

Ponies on moorland road 1Ponies on moorland road 2

As usual the ponies ambled at will across the road,

Ponies on moorland verge 1Ponies on moorland verge 2

since they knew the grass is greener on the other side. A grey ambled along to join the others.

Cow 1Cow 2

Cattle stood staring on the verge;

Cow 3

Cows feet in ditch water 1Cow's feet in ditch water 2

waded in ditch water in order to reach the shrubbery,

Cow 5Cow 4

one letting me know what she thought of my intrusion;

Cow on road 1Cow on road 2Cows on road

or just took ownership of the road outside


Hockey’s Farm Shop where we enjoyed a wholesome brunch. The garment on the back of the chair is placed there for the use of customers who may feel cold.

Gloucester Old Spot 1Gloucester Old Spot 2Gloucester Old Spot 3

Further down the road, lacking competition for the mast, a lone Gloucester Old Spot sow snuffled along snorting “mine, all mine”.

This evening we dined on fish fingers, chips, and baked beans. Jackie finished the Tsingao and I finished the minervois.


44 responses to “Mine, All Mine.”

  1. It was nice the cattle and pigs got equal time with the horses this time, Derrick. πŸ˜‰ I really liked the third photo down of the two horses on the hill, but then I liked the ones with water, and then all the individual animal portraits. . .

  2. Heartwarming sketches of ponies, cattle and the sow along with compelling photographic rendering. The leisurely, devil-may-care attitude of the ponies present an excellent contrast to the gluttonous, β€˜all-mine’ arrogance of the sow. I enjoyed the onomatopoeic description of the latter. The cattle belong to the midline perhaps?

  3. Looked like that old Spot sow had a relative or two contribute to your brunch. I haven’t seen a good ole country breakfast like that in a long time! And as always, a great photo ride when I get to see the animals!!

  4. The “Queens Head” seems a popular name for pubs, pity is they don’t say which Queen. I think you did show one a while back; Queen Jane ( aka Lady Jane Grey),
    On that brunch plate did I espy a couple of Yankee hash browns? Bit rude dumping one fried egg on top of the other;

    • Thanks a lot, Brian. We had thought it was Queen Jane, but Becky has correctly identified the image as Queen Elizabeth I as a young girl. I amended the post accordingly. Yes, they were hash browns, but Hockey’s don’t do chips or fried potatoes.

  5. I spent several years of my youth overlooking and visiting the moors so your photos bring back many memories – so different to the scenes now here in Africa!! πŸ™‚

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