My Busy Day: Guest post from Scooby as dictated to Becky

Today was quite a busy day.  When it got light-time the Grandpa Person came down from the upstairs nests.  I looked at him but think it is better not to say anything cos sometimes he doesn’t understand.  I pretended I don’t see him and go back to sleep.  When the Mummy Person came down I did dancing and then I have to go outside to see if anyone else has been in the dark-time and then I can go.  I am very good at this.  Mummy Person says.

Door to the Outside

Then big problem.  All the People Persons accidentally went outside without me.  I wasn’t paying attention cos they confused me with a big bone and then I hear the door shut.  I watched that door really hard so they would remember me.  They didn’t.

It was lucky they did leave me on the inside because I was the only one there to make sure everyone else in the world did not come in and eat all the food.  I watched out the window for a long time – ready to shout my face off at any dinner stealers.

Flowers in the way.

It was a bit difficult to see over all the silly flowers though.

I get a better view from Green Chair but it takes a lot of jumps to get all the way up there.

Very high up Green Chair

After a very very very long time I did a tour of the kitchen and checked if the Persons had left any foods under the table.

No foods – just legs.

I thought they did but it was just a stone.

No treasure in the bin either – what’s going on?!

Then everything went a bit boring.  SELFIE TIME!  First one is most handsome but nose made wet splodge on camera.

(Note to self: need selfie-stick cos nose too long and arms too short).

No poos, only shoes.

When I finished modelling I think about leaving a message for the People Persons under the Grandpa Person’s desk.  (I was quite keen to leave one).  But I don’t think they like that sort of thing – even though they didn’t notice last time.  Anyway, his slippers were in the way and they really don’t like that sort of thing in their footwear.

It was while I was at my look out, on Green Chair, that all the Persons came back from the outside.  They crept in like stealthy wolves and found me resting my eyes.  I looked up and there they all were: Mummy Person, Grandpa Person, Daddy Person and Granny Person.  IT WAS BRILLIANT!  I couldn’t stop dancing and my wagger went so fast that I nearly fell over.  It was really really really properly BRILLIANT, FAB and AMAZING!  They could have forgotten to come back inside forever but they didn’t – joy joy JOY!!

This was a great relief. (Don’t like the watching things though).

Mummy Person was very quick to open the back door and I went straight to my favourite place to leave my messages – a nice step with a stoney shelf – Phew!

Back inside now they were all keeping watch again so I could get on with the lamb bone that I had been hiding in my bed all day.  No-one had stolen that and my blankets smell great again – Persons had washed them a few sleeps ago and there was hardly any stink left.

That’s all really.  Now I just waits till they all stop staring at those shiny-light-windows on theirs knees and give me some of the dinners they been out hunting for all day.  That’s gonna be BRILLIANT!

75 responses to “My Busy Day: Guest post from Scooby as dictated to Becky”

  1. Now you’re a blogger, Scooby, who knows what lies ahead in the public arena for you? With the election on, there might be a chance for you to smell Tim Farron’s spaniel.

  2. Siddy agrees 100 per cent with you Scooby – especially on the joy, joy, joy part when the persons come back or come in or get up or other persons come in or come by or get up. Because THEY MIGHT NOT and when they do it is, as you said so perfectly, absolutely BRILLIANT, FAB and AMAZING!!

  3. Wow! It was fascinating to enter the skin of the Scooby Person and look at the world through his perspective. The selfie skills need to be honed though, not that it was not acknowledged.

  4. Dear Scooby, I am really pleased that they came in after all that time had passed by. But I am quite sad for you that the people person actually washed your blanket.

  5. Scooby was a particularly interesting and humorous observer on the household. I love how you have short limbs but still are able to manage cute poses. The messages are best not left for owners to discover! Good boy, Scooby! This was a charming post story. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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