Maybe Not


Jackie, possibly because she is a day or two ahead of me with the cold, felt able to go on a short drive today. She took us to Highcliffe where we watched the sea for a while before returning home.

This gave me the opportunity to photograph a pair of surfboarders.

Surfers 1

Here they are, in tandem, on their way.

Surfers 2Surfers 3

Soon they became less synchronised,

Surfers 5

Surfers 4

and one stretched out on his board and contemplated his best approach.

Surfer 7Surfer 8

Ah! That’s it.

Surfer 4

Maybe not.

Surfer 1Surfer 2Surfer 3

Surfer 5His friend seemed more successful.

Surfer 6

Maybe not.

Hordle Chinese Take Away provided our meal this evening. I drank Doom Bar.

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  1. Sorry you are still not well but glad Jackie is on the mend, with you soon following her!
    The surfboarding photos are fascinating. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I picked up Chinese tonight, ate my two crab rangoon’s as I drove home. I had ordered fried rice with General Tso’s. Spicy and sweet. I divided it into two meals, the other one tomorrow night.

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