No Pictures Today

Jackie and I are very touched by all the get well wishes we have received from you all. When I tell you that we dined out this evening with Elizabeth at Dynasty in Brockenhurst, and all three drank Kingfisher, you will realise that these have paid off. We both seem to be rather improved.

This morning Aaron began work on weeding the gravel paths, and filled two more large canvas bags with griselinia cuttings.

This afternoon I watched the Six Nations rugby match between Scotland and France.

After this Elizabeth paid us a visit and helped me learn how to print on both sides of a sheet of paper, so I was ableΒ produce a sample from Paul’s design for the exhibition flyer, which she will deliver to him tomorrow. It would be premature to publish this before The First Gallery’s set is distributed. That is why I have published no pictures today.

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  1. We all benefit from lack of photos so we may concentrate on the words you choose, Derrick. Glad you and Jackie are well, happy you had a meal out with appropriate beverages, and having help from Elizabeth, to complete the exhibition flyer is excellent news.

  2. So glad you are both feeling better. How miserable it is to feel so ill. Looking forward to seeing exhibit-related photos.

  3. I continue to pray daily for you {{{Derrick}}} and {{{Jackie}}} asking the Good Lord to watch after you, heal whatever ails you, and give you health, happiness and safety. You certainly bring a lot of happiness to your readers… I can testify to that!! <3

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