Muscles I Had Forgotten

Yesterday evening I attempted a first. That is to watch a whole episode of Agatha Christie’s ‘Marple’ on catch up TV without falling asleep. Finally descending into a Firs gawp, I failed.

Aaron and I spent the best part of today transporting the paving bricks from Paving bricks 1

Old MiltonPaving bricks 2

to our garden.

The weight of the loads meant we had to make three trips in Aaron’s van. We operated like a mini fire bucket chain. At the donor’s home I handed the bricks to Aaron as he loaded his van, and we reversed the process at the other end. As we got deeper into the vehicle Aaron climbed inside and pushed the contents across to me, then we both piled them up. We had the distinct impression that, by the time we had finished, the quantity of bricks had multiplied. I used muscles I had forgotten I possessed.

This afternoon’s ‘Marple’ started at 5 p.m. I believe my eyelids may have taken a momentary rest during the adverts, but otherwise I managed to watch the whole episode.

This evening we dined on gammon, mashed potato, piquant cauliflower cheese, and crisp carrots and cabbage. Jackie drank Hoegarden.My choice was Chateau Saint Pierre Lussac Saint-Emilion 2012.

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