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  • The Pizza

    10th July 2014 Yesterday evening I finished reading Cicero’s Orations. The two final pieces are not forensic. The first, ‘Pro Marcello’, is a panegyric, and the second ‘Phillipics II’ an invective. Marcellus is not really the subject of For Marcellus. It is a document of forthright praise for Caesar, whose generosity in pardoning one of […]

  • Shoes

    Last night I watched ‘Saints & Soldiers, an excellent film by Ryan Little depicting an heroic ‘journey through the hellish landscape of war-ravaged Europe’ during World War Two, undertaken by a small group of escaped American soldiers and one English airman. It deservedly won 13 international awards. I was familiar with none of the superb […]

  • Technical Frustrations

    Last night the internet reception was hit and miss, which is one reason why my post was shorter than usual (I’ve just lost it again). I was also knackered, but mostly I wanted Orlaith’s photograph to stand alone. This morning, taking advantage of what I thought was a lull in a night of rain, I […]

  • Keats’s Season

    Yesterday the loft insulation was carried out.  A damp beam betrays the broken tiles which need replacing on the roof.  The back hall was prepared for specialised papering. Maggie and Mike collected me in the evening and drove me to their home at Eymet where we enjoyed a meal focussing on a Russian fish pie, […]

  • The Owl And The Pussy Cat

    In the small hours of the morning the shrill cry of an owl, seemingly immediately by my open window, disturbed my slumber.  So far off as to be barely discernible came an answering call.  A duet ensued.  Suddenly all was quite outside.  Straining my ears I could just hear the distant correspondent.  Eventually both birds’ […]

  • Genealogy

    With my coffee this morning I began reading another of Ann’s books, ‘Dear Dodie’, being Valerie Grove’s biography of the writer Dodie Smith. I was grateful for the cool breeze offering relief from the strong sun occupying a clear blue sky as I began the long ascent up to Pomport to walk the loop that […]

  • Up And Down The Road

    Last night I visited the bar for an on-line Scrabble session.  The only other customer there was Graham, another Englishman.  I soon abandoned my games and joined in an interesting, educational, and often hilarious, Franglais conversation with him, David, and Frederick.  David, in particular, shares my love of language.  All four of us helped each […]

  • A Flimsy Masterpiece

    Lunch at Le Code Bar consisted of some kind of noodle and cheese soup; quiche; pork chop, vegetable risotto, and beans; and profiteroles.  Everything was up to the usual standard, but I thought the melt-in-the-mouth quiche quite exceptionally good.  It is time I added that all this fine food comes with excellent service for 13 euros. […]

  • Perseverance

    Yesterday afternoon I finished reading ‘The England of Elizabeth’ by A.L. Rowse.  This Elizabeth was the first English queen so-named.  I am aware that most people alive today have known no other than Queen Elizabeth II.  First published in 1950, during the reign of our Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, the book was researched and […]

  • An Unknown Masterpiece

    This morning it was to Flaugeac and back that my feet took me.  Once you have walked past the shops in rue de la Fon Close and up the hill past Les Caves there is not much of interest on the road to the D933, which, taking your life in your hands, you have to […]