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  • Under The Red Umbrella

    This morning I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/10/02/a-knights-tale-44-a-concerned-single-father/ Later, with the storm winds blowing at 50+ m.p.h. and the pelting rain bouncing off the Prebendal School red umbrella that she struggled to hold aloft, a cheerful Jan wandered round the garden, determined to photograph the plants she had got to know through WordPress. Negotiating the various arches was […]

  • Photographing Forest Fauna

    From late morning Jackie drove our visitors and me around the forest. De had walked down to the coast at Milford where we joined her. Jan photographed De seated beneath an umbrella, where their daughter was joined first by her father and then by her mother. Choppy waves threw up creamy spray before sliding up […]

  • A String Of Pearls

    CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. A week ago we had celebrated Shelly’s birthday at a party in her garden sheltering under a marquee from the sun. Today it was the turn of Ron’s 70th. This time raindrops dripped from that same tent. The 70 bunting, blown by the wind, stuck, upside down, […]

  • The Uses Of Enchantment

    The gales are back in force. As the wind howled and the rain lashed at our window panes, tearing down the wisteria outside the kitchen door, I felt like a little pig. One of three, that is. Fortunately in a house made of brick. Had it been of straw we would have woken up exposed […]

  • ‘A Complete Dump Set’

    Our last batch of visitors cleaned and tidied their rooms in an exemplary fashion. Jackie and I did, however, spend the morning on laundry and bedding changes, among the other normal tasks in preparation for Elizabeth’s stay, beginning tomorrow. A visit to Efford Recycling Centre followed. We transported a carload of cardboard storage boxes to […]

  • Back To The Akash

    18.7.13 For the third heat-wave day in succession, Jackie drove me to and from Southampton for a London trip.  First port of call was Carol’s, to whose home I struggled over Westminster Bridge and down Victoria Street.  This time it was mid-afternoon in 30+ degrees. The international teeming throng offered neither let-up nor pavement space. […]

  • Would You Like My Seat?

    Rain continued throughout the day as it done all night.  Jackie drove me to Southampton for the London train.  The forest was even more waterlogged.  The lanes leading to the M27 were, in places, completely covered with rainwater running off the fields and overflowing from swollen ditches.  Yesterday’s bedraggled pony was dry and comfortable compared […]

  • Three Score Years And Ten

    Well, I’ve made this milestone.  I believe the psalms, from which this title is taken, suggest it’s all downhill from now.  I shall regard every day as a bonus. Thanks to Chris and Frances for this optimistic card.  Quentin Blake, the illustrator, has provided the artwork for at least one Folio Society (post of 5th. […]

  • Raincoat Or Umbrella?

    It seems we had our one summer day yesterday.  Today’s forecast was for widespread rain over the next few days, becoming colder each day.  Consequently I set off in warm and humid weather for lunch with Norman.  This involved the usual walk to Colliers Wood to board the tube for Neasden from where it is […]