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  • Wimbledon (Last Facebook Diary Entry)

    Here is the last of my Facebook diary entries, from 8th May 2012. The following day I turned to WordPress: Having broken not one but two cafetiere glasses last week I walked to Wimbledon and back in search of new ones. Wimbledon, land of Starbucks, Costa and Cafe Nero. Wimbledon, where, in my childhood, you […]

  • Only Another Sixty Years To Go

    Today I put in some more work on ‘A Knight’s Tale’. This involved edited sections from ‘Trams And Trolley Buses’, from ‘The Bees’, and from ‘A Woman Paid My Fare’. This illustration from ‘The Bees’ is included as are two historic transport photographs from the internet. The trolley bus is by David Bradley Online and […]

  • Trams And Trolley Buses

    This morning the year’s new fox cubs were basking on the lawn with their mother, de-fleaing herself and looking more mangy than last year.  What they were basking in I am not sure, because there was no sun. After watching the foxes for a while (I almost wrote ‘intruders’, but the fact is we are […]