Tag: Southampton

  • Pumpkin Head

    CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Today I was mostly engaged in boring administration; correspondence in writing and in e-mail; filing; form-filling; and posting. Rapid rooftop rattling hailed a brief interlude with my camera, as ricocheting crystals created springboards of chairs, tables, paving, and anything else less receptive than soggy soil. Early this […]

  • Battle Of Britain Day

    Today the wind has dropped to a mere 23 m.p.h. The good news is that there was minimal damage in the rose garden. Today, Daphne and Ray Salinger share their 70th anniversary with Battle of Britain Day. Yesterday the Isle of Wight County Press reported: “BATTLE of Britain Day will be marked by a flypast that […]

  • Maawwah!

    Clear frosty light sreaked across the lawn outside the kitchen window this morning. I walked through London Minstead to the A337 and back to meet Jackie by Seamans Cottages to be driven to Southampton.  In Seamans Lane a boy spun around on a skateboard, as I slid along on the slippery road.  A smaller lad […]

  • West Quay

    This was a beautiful, crisp, autumn morning.  It followed a week of rain.  The deep blue heliotrope which had sat on a chamber pot on the two-tone blue garden table had become waterlogged and drowned.  As Jackie and I sat with our morning coffee we had that sense of ‘what now?  the job’s done’.  But […]