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  • Will The Tackler Bring Him Down?

    CLICK ON THESE IMAGES IF YOU WISH TO ENLARGE THEM. EXCEPT FOR THE BLACK AND WHITES, THEY ARE, HOWEVER, NOT IN THE BEST FOCUS. In anticipation of this afternoon’s televised rugby internationals, and not wishing to spend viewing time squinting through a camera viewfinder, I scanned a few colour negatives from October 1992, filmed during […]

  • “He’s Taken A Knock In His Undercarriage”

    CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED This afternoon rugby’s autumn internationals began. On television I watched Scotland v Samoa; Wales v Australia; and the highlights of England v Argentina. I made a few photographs direct from the screen, cropping out the score lines from the top left hand corners in order not to […]

  • Tackled In Vain

    CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Today’s set of scanned colour negatives from October 1992 is of Newark Rugby Club Under Thirteens v. Paviors. Here, the home side’s scrum half gets the ball away as he hits the deck. This is the player whose job is to receive the oval ball from the […]

  • Watching

    CLICK ON IMAGES TO ACCESS GALLERIES WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE Today was pretty murky. This morning, through the window I watched blackbirds feeding on crab apples. They generally dropped the fruit onto the ground, flew down and ate them where they fell. This afternoon and early evening was spent watching rugby on T.V. First […]

  • Sir Clive Woodward In Holetown

    We shared an ironing project this morning. This had become rather pressing because we hadn’t done any for the last three weeks. This afternoon I continued scanning the colour slides from the Barbados trip of May 2004. Incidentally, one Barbados story celebrating Sam’s epic row is told in ‘Crossword Setters’ Pseudonyms’. We were staying at […]

  • An Unexpected Portrait

    Yesterday, by a narrow margin, Ireland won their rugby match against France. This was an excellent contest, and secured the championship for the victors. It went down very well in the Irish evening in support of CAFOD, which we attended with Helen and Bill, Shelly and Ron. Catholic Aid For Overseas Development is an official […]

  • Grandchild Duties

    Becky and Flo arrived early this morning for Flo to have a ride on Poppy whilst Berry and I walked alongside. First Flo had to perform grandchild duties. That is she had to help Grandpa get his head round his new HP computer. Specifically, how could he access his list of contacts and send the […]

  • Oiling The Lion

    A pair of socks hanging in a tree on this bright, crisp, morning along the Wandle Trail en route to Colliers Wood reminded me of my rugby boots.  On 25th June I mentioned my ingenious scrumping in Cottenham Park sometime in the 1950s.  Remembering throwing sticks into conker trees when younger, I had decided to […]

  • The Hornby Train Set

    Today I walked to Kingston to meet Geoff Austin (see 22nd. June post) at the Canbury Arms.  Jackie had used Google Earth last night to find the route for me.  She is very good at taking the walk through locations, and I was amazed at the pin-sharp pictures showing me the roads I needed to walk down, […]