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  • Mostly W1

    CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN PAIRS ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. Generally when I delve into my archives that is because either the weather is foul, or I am feeling so. Whilst rather better than yesterday, it is for the latter reason that I scanned another dozen colour slides from the Streets […]

  • Loos Of London

    On this dull but warm day I walked down to the John Innes park and recreation ground in Mostyn Road, better to acquaint myself with this amenity which I have passed many times without realising it was any more than the garden and croquet lawn which can be seen from the road. Passing the dahlia […]

  • Grandparent Duties

    On this splendid late summer morning I took myself, via Martin Way and Cannon Hill Lane, to Cannon Hill Common.  In Maycross Avenue an elderly couple were struggling to get a large canvas bag into the back of their car.  I crossed the road and volunteered to help them.  The bag contained pruned branches.  As […]