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  • The Swinging Rat Pack

    CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. An overnight thunderstorm had freshened the garden and reduced the temperature to a degree that Jackie could continue weeding, hacking, and planting; and I was able to enjoy the game of wandering around seeking her piles of garden waste for me to gather up and transfer to the […]

  • What Do You Want?

    Buzzards circled overhead this morning, causing a certain amount of consternation among the other birds. During the morning I did my best to ignore yesterday’s Dr Who on BBC iPlayer and Eastenders, as everyone enjoyed an after the excitement low-key morning. Matthew has bought Tess a cage and various other accoutrements for Guinea Pigs.  It […]

  • Ratatouille

    Just before this dull, humid, noon, whilst Jackie was out shopping for our trip to The Firs, I took a brief stroll through Morden Park.  Apart from two friendly couples, one gay and one heterosexual, walking their terriers, I had only magpies and rooks for company.  The birds, scratting about among the stubble, didn’t much […]