Tag: ramblers

  • New Arrivals

    Cloudy sunshine and blustery winds greeted us this morning. I ambled around the garden and just a yard or two into Downton Lane where the minute flowers of the Galium aparine, known among other things as Sticky Willy, that we are trying to eradicate from our garden, are clambering around the verges; and where I met another […]

  • Back Onto The Cliff Top

    On an overcast morning Jackie drove us to New Forest Army & Navy Surplus store in New Milton to buy some weatherproof clothing for her projected sororal camping trip; thence to the bank; thence to Milford on Sea where she dropped me on the green. I rose to my feet and hobbled up Park Lane to The […]

  • A City Gent

    Today was beautiful.  Crisp.  Frosty.  And sunny. I began by wandering around the village roads then walking up the D17 towards Pomport.  The donkey, grazing with the goats, gave me a cursory glance and continued his meal.  He too must have grown accustomed to my presence. A birdfeeder had been filled along the way.   Past the […]