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  • A Walk Round The Garden

    After a lengthy session of dead-heading, incidental weeding, trips to the compost bins, and a sit down this morning I wandered around the garden with my camera. As usual these images are all titled in the gallery. This afternoon we attended a family gathering at Elizabeth’s with Jacqueline, Joseph, Angela, Danni, Andy, and Ella, with […]

  • A Little Dead-Heading

    Before Martin arrived today, the Head Gardener’s Walk had disappeared from view. This is how he left it. He reshaped a tree in need of a trim, giving the Viburnum Plicatum beneath it more room to breathe; and mowed the lawn as usual, while I managed a little dead-heading of poppies like these in the […]

  • Soggy Sustenance

    On a mizzly murky morning we drove to Lymington for a few final present purchases. The window of the Oakhaven Children’s Charity Shop in the High Street and the front green of the Church of St Thomas and All Angels both bore Nativity scenes, while the latter contained a bed of remembrance poppies beside those […]

  • Incineration Completed

    This morning I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/11/17/a-knights-tale-66-horse-and-dolphin-yard/ Jackie continued with the garden refuse incineration and after lunch we emptied the last of the compost bags’ twiggy bits onto the middle bin to let them dry out before finally burning them; then carried half a dozen of the now empty bags to leave them at our free horse […]

  • “This Is Susan….”

    One of the lessons we have learned while clearing cupboards for Kitchen Makers to replace is that cupboards can very quickly become dumping grounds for items we will never use again, but always think may come in handy one day. It is quite evident that anything lost in a closet for seven years probably will […]

  • Battering

    An overall pale gunmetal grey cloud curtain remained closed throughout the day, although threatened drizzle desisted. For the last few stormbound days we have been thwarted in our bid for a joint tour of the garden in which Jackie could point out her recent plantings. We aimed to manage it this morning, but most of […]

  • June Delights

    On a day that returned us to warmth and full sunshine, Jackie spent much of it examining her floral babies and stretching to care for them, while I mostly wandered in and out of the garden with my camera. We have a number of clematises; numerous roses; freshly blooming rhododendrons; and more welcome alliums. The […]

  • Ali Baba

    When I walked down the garden to open the back gate for Aaron this morning the early sun peeped over the eastern fence, its light licking the jeweling of last night’s rain still glittering on the plants. The bees were working away. Wedding Day festooning the Agriframes Arch approved of the Penny Lane bouquet adorning […]

  • Night And Day

    Last night before bed Jackie wandered around the garden with her camera and produced this set of images. This morning we worked together in the Rose Garden. Jackie swept, weeded, and refurbished the pots that had contained tulips earlier in the year. In the first of these pictures she points out to Nugget some tasty […]

  • Scents

    On a sunny and mild morning I spent some time dead heading and transporting clippings to the compost bins. Jackie pruned and tidied the lawn area, keeping me supplied with bags of refuse. The eucalyptus has now been adorned with its pendant baskets. Nugget played his game in “Where’s Nugget?” (84) and (85). A click […]

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