Tag: Paul Jones

  • The Manfreds At The Regent

    Last night’s concert by The Manfreds at Christchurch’s refurbished Regent Theatre was a wonderful event. Becky had left a letter for my old friend Tom McGuinness, one of the two original members of Manfred Mann, the other being Paul Jones, both men defying their eighty years. My daughter had informed Tom that I would be […]

  • A Knight’s Tale (117.1: A Friendship)

    Firm friends at St. Mary’s, Russell Road primary school, Tom McGuinness and I went up to Wimbledon College together and gradually drifted apart because our adolescent interests were so different.  We spent many happy hours in each other’s homes, often swapping gruesome American horror comics. We made forbidden trips such as once when, still in primary […]

  • Tony and Anne, Trevor and Jan

    Clearance of the future rose garden continues apace. Yesterday Jackie uprooted several unproductive fruit bushes, and this morning I removed the last of the box hedges and a photinia that had been well rooted for a few years. This latter plant required the use of a grubber axe. It had to come out because it […]

  • Tom

    Since Tom has been on my mind since yesterday’s rugby story, I walked down to Hartfield Crescent (see 17th July).  On Maycross Avenue, from the shelter of a fir tree above, some birds had produced an action painting.  I wondered what would happen if I were to dig it up and put it on the […]