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  • Summer Time

    Just before lunch I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/05/18/a-knights-tale-133-the-official-welcome/ This afternoon, while Jackie and Flo toured the garden centres in successful search of trailing plants for hanging baskets, I pulled up a few weeds and photographed some of our flowers, all of which are titled in the gallery. The New Wheel Inn is the now privately owned and […]

  • Blooming Today

    On another bright, cold, morning I nipped upstairs to photograph from above Florence continuing her general clearing of the garden beds. After lunch I focussed on a few flowers, including Amanogawa cherry; varieties of cyclamen, of daffodils, of camellias, of tulips; smiling pansies; a sunlit hellebore; a hanging fritillary; and a sweetly scented Daphne Odorata […]

  • Burgeoning Blooms; Snowballing Lichen; Lingering Leftovers

    After lunch I published https://derrickjknight.com/2022/02/02/a-knights-tale-97-i-branch-out/ I then wandered around the garden with my camera and photographed The mimosa in the last picture was planted in the North Breeze garden by the last resident, who kindly gave us the benefit of its hanging over our back drive fence. These are the burgeoning blooms. Lichen is snowballing […]

  • Not Much Damage

    I spent much of the day either side of lunch producing https://derrickjknight.com/2021/12/08/a-knights-tale-76-issues-of-loss-change-and-resilience/ which I posted later. I then uploaded garden photographs I had made earlier. Pansies and viburnum usually flower all year round, but to find sunny solanum and winter flowering cherry together is not normally expected. We still have a number of fuchsias in […]

  • June Delights

    On a day that returned us to warmth and full sunshine, Jackie spent much of it examining her floral babies and stretching to care for them, while I mostly wandered in and out of the garden with my camera. We have a number of clematises; numerous roses; freshly blooming rhododendrons; and more welcome alliums. The […]

  • The Plant Pulley

    Today was very hot and sunny. Until fatigue forced me inside I put in more work on the stones of the Weeping Birch Bed footpath. It is now possible once more to sit on the chair beneath the tree and look across to the Rose Garden. A raised stone sits in the foreground of this […]

  • The Roble Turnberry Bench

    This morning we bit the bullet, unpacked, and assembled the new wooden Roble Turnberry bench. The last picture in this gallery shows what I look like when I have just straightened after an extended bending of my knees. As can be seen from the first of these seated pictures we took of each other, the […]

  • “I Can’t Get Up”

    Between us we spent much of the day on garden maintenance. Not only did Jackie continue her work on redesigning the Pond Bed planting, composting, weeding, and tidying, but she has begun filling containers with petunias in the chimney pot; pansies in the iron urn, in a basket yet to become hanging, and, with geraniums […]

  • Surviving The Cold Weather

    Having progressed comfortably past the halfway point in Charles Dickens’s ‘Martin Chuzzlewit’, this morning I scanned the next six of Charles Keeping’s imaginative and skilful illustrations. In ‘Mrs Hominy stalked in again; very erect, in proof of her aristocratic blood’ the artist perfectly displays her haughtiness. ‘Three or four meagre dogs; some long-legged pigs; some […]

  • From Garden To Woodland

    Jackie spent much of the morning working in the greenhouse, alongside which this is the view to the yellowing weeping birch. Pansies are blooming in the iron urn and in hanging baskets; others of which contain such as petunias and calendulas. It is still the season for dahlias of varying hues. A variety of fuchsias […]

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