Tag: National Trust

  • Spilt Milk

    Once again the sunniest part of the day was this morning. I am happy to say that the fault on our landline was successfully repaired while I stayed near the phone and Jackie continued weeding and planting. Nugget and Lady were both in attendance, but his new partner tweeted that she was not ready for […]

  • Leith Hill

    It has been rather a sleepy, sluggish, day today. The effect of the virus is diminishing, but departing with some reluctance. Again I concentrated on scanning colour slides. These were the last 22 from my honeymoon with Jackie in March 1968. They were taken on a short trip across to Leith Hill, the highest point in […]

  • Fascinated By His Shadow

    We use door stops in the flat. This morning I bent down to hold back the living room door so that Jackie could wheel in the coffee trolley, nutted the mock-Georgian brass handle, and cut my forehead. That, I thought, was a trick worthy of the early film-makers. I doubt I could do it on […]

  • Stampede

    A strong smell of overheated paint came from our very effective new radiator this morning so Jackie opened the sitting room windows.  I wondered whether the new appliance might be a wee bit counterproductive. I spent the morning on my laptop, effectively putting off the search for the advent calendars in the garage.  We had […]

  • The Workhouse

    We enjoyed another beautifully balmy Indian summer day for our trip to Christchurch’s Red House Museum. Operated by volunteers there are sections devoted to learning about The Victorians and the twentieth century; and archeological finds going back to neolithic times.  A small garden is as informative as the rooms inside.  In particular we are told […]

  • A Question Of Parentage

    Yesterday evening, whilst waiting for Elizabeth before our curry date, Jackie and I had, as usual, a delightful discussion with Danni.  We swapped house hunting stories.  We also reminisced.  It was pleasing to learn that so many of my niece’s childhood memories feature summers in Newark, in particular the fun she and Louisa had over […]

  • Trish

    Among the many boxes of books now temporarily stored in the garage are hundreds of photograph albums.  I plucked up courage to begin a search for the picture mentioned in The Tempest post of 14th June last year.  Although I’m fairly sure I hit on the right container I was unable to find the photograph. […]

  • Mare’s Tails

    On the train yesterday, with Kenneth O. Morgan’s ‘The Twentieth Century’, I finished reading ‘The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain’ in the 1992 edition.  Ten university historians have each contributed a section in their particular field, from Roman times to 1991.  Written for the layperson it does neverless assume a certain amount of prior knowledge, the […]

  • Graham Stuart Thomas

    This warm and changeable day turned out to be perfect for a visit to a National Trust garden.  We drove quite smoothly through Romsey, and past the Mountbatten home of Broadlands, where we would normally expect to encounter queues of traffic.  It was, however, as we neared our goal that we met the queues.  Cars […]

  • The Ash And The Elm

    Our slumbering over morning coffee was interrupted today by a thump on the window.  This was a pigeon.  Birds, of course, cannot see glass.  Our would-be visitor bounced off, flapped its wings, and flew off into a fir tree, no doubt having a better view of stars than of our sitting room.  The unfortunate creature’s […]