Tag: John Le Carre

  • Perhaps Not A Good Choice

    Three days ago, on Friday, I finished reading John Le Carré’s thrilling novel, ‘The Night Manager’ This was while waiting, all kitted up, to go to theatre for my knee replacement operation. Unusually for me, I had first seen the film adaptation series on television in 2016. The film, starring Trevor Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Tom […]

  • Moles

    CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Moles are small creatures that live underground. They rarely surface in the clear light of day, but throw up evidence of their presence as they tunnel seeking mates. They are considered vermin highly destructive to crops, and have been traditionally hunted down for centuries. Wikipedia, as well as […]

  • A Square Meal

    Last night Le Code Bar was very quiet.  For this reason Frederick was able to offer me a complimentary glass of wine to drink with him, so I wasn’t quite as abstemious as I’d claimed.  Apparently it is far too hot for people to come out.  He and the staff are very concerned about the […]

  • Jeux De Mots

    12.6.12 The overnight rain having somewhat abated, I set off to do yesterday’s walk in reverse.  Apart from offering variety, this provides a downhill return to the house.  As the sun was making an effort the saturated stone pavement sparkled and the friendly roadsweeper was doing has best with the windblown debris.  Sigoules was emerging […]