Tag: Horse & Dolphin Yard

  • A Knight’s Tale (68: The Man’s Fingers Still Clutched The Ball)

    Michael and Matthew (clearly in the midst of a perennial growth spurt) often played soccer in Horse & Dolphin Yard. The Ball, the subject of this next story was not a deflated football. To take these photographs I must have been standing outside the door of our flat. On another occasion two gentlemen, to my […]

  • Emily’s Party

    The Openreach/BT engineer came early this morning. He had established that there was nothing wrong with the cabinet mentioned yesterday, but that our screw terminals were incompatible with broadband. He clipped them and fitted a new phone socket with a built-in filter. This delayed the start of our journey to Sanderstead for Emily’s 21st birthday lunch. Given […]

  • ‘If You Don’t Like It, Move’

    Early this morning I did a bit more work on elderly colour slides with which to amplify my residential history.  The Soho years spanned 1975 to 1980.  This is when Jessica, Michael and I lived at 2 Horse & Dolphin Yard.  This mews flat backed onto Gerard Street in the very heart of Chinatown.  From […]

  • A Different Mother Each Day

    After Jackie delivered me to Southampton Parkway for my trip to visit Norman, my train journey was almost uneventful.  No doubt taking the Quiet zone notices literally, a taciturn young man opposite me, sporting an attenuated Mohican that had recently been mown, said nothing and did not take his eyes off the screen of his […]

  • The Benefits Of Hearing

    A new visitor alighted on the bird table today.  Jackie was able to view this creature from the hide she had constructed in the kitchen.  As usual, as for the would-be panda photographer in the Kitkat television advert, when I arrived with the camera, the bird disappeared.  She had to look it up in Dave […]

  • Raincoat Or Umbrella?

    It seems we had our one summer day yesterday.  Today’s forecast was for widespread rain over the next few days, becoming colder each day.  Consequently I set off in warm and humid weather for lunch with Norman.  This involved the usual walk to Colliers Wood to board the tube for Neasden from where it is […]

  • Chartwell

    Today we had another family gathering, this time with Michael, Becky, and Matthew and their families.  We went to Winston Churchill’s former home, now a National Trust propery at Chartwell and afterwards to Michael’s for a meal involving starters of barbecued sausages followed by chicken, salads and finally Eton mess. A minor panic was calmed by […]