Tag: Geoff Austin

  • Eureka!

    Jackie, as is her wont, read me extracts from BBC News this morning, in particular concerning the heatwaves in Australia. The people of Adelaide, in particular, are enduring a temperature of 45.1 degrees centigrade. This made me think of my cousin Gillian who lives there. Gillian is one of the two children of my paternal Uncle Darcy and Aunt […]

  • The Years Just Roll Away

    This lunchtime, Michael Watts came for a visit and a drink in The Trusty Servant Inn, to which he drove me.  We had an exhilarating chat.  By amazing coincidence he had just come from Alex Kelly in Fordingbridge who, now having set up an Independent facility in the care field, had worked for many years […]

  • Sisyphus

    Continuing with my scanner compatibility problem I telephoned Epson, to learn that the two different downloads Apple advisors had sent me were incorrect.  I dragged those into the trash, and the Epson man sent me another which worked.  It is not quite the same as I’m used to, but I’m getting there.  I have scanned […]

  • On A Mission

    On another cold dull grey day I put off my walk until after lunch.  Jackie drove me to Ashley Heath, left me there, and I walked back along the Castleman Trailway (see 10th December 2012) to meet her in the Ringwood carpark.  She dropped me off in the One Stop general store.  I realised how aptly […]

  • The Hornby Train Set

    Today I walked to Kingston to meet Geoff Austin (see 22nd. June post) at the Canbury Arms.  Jackie had used Google Earth last night to find the route for me.  She is very good at taking the walk through locations, and I was amazed at the pin-sharp pictures showing me the roads I needed to walk down, […]

  • Geoff Austin’s Shoes

    This was a typical March day.  Yes, I know it’s not March, it’s June.  Struggling into the blustery wind, feeling the cold, and scanning the threatening skies, you would never know.  In fact the only week we’ve had so far this year deserving of June’s epithet, ‘flaming’, was in March. Battling along, clutching her fascinator in […]