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  • Far Too Busy To Chat

    CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN THE PAIR ACCESS A GALLERY THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE AFTER SCROLLING DOWN THE PAGE AND CLICKING THE RELEVANT BOX.. Aaron, Jackie, and I continued tidying up the garden this morning. Daffodils still glow all over; the new generation of honesty crops up everywhere; and the Anemone […]

  • Sleeping Beauty

    TO ENLARGE IMAGES CLICK ON THEM. REPEAT IF REQUIRED Today, I continued redistributing the gravel on the back drive. This involved shifting barrow loads of the material from one end to another, and raking them smooth. There is more to be done. Whilst I was there, I noticed, swaying in the breeze, the one Félicité […]

  • Jack Russell

    Some time ago, my friend Harri sent me a photograph of an owlet in her garden. Yesterday,  Chris sent me two shots of a sparrow hawk seen in his. I seem to be collecting donated photographs of birds of prey, better than any I could have taken myself. Jackie’s sister Helen has a collection of […]

  • A Pair Of Frogs

    Jackie and I spent the whole of this gloriously sunny day on path clearance in the garden. She worked on the brick one at the back of the house, whilst I concentrated on a gravelled track further along our plot. The plastic bucket on my path has no bottom. There are a number of such […]

  • I’ve Found A Young Man

    I am now entertained by natural sounds throughout the day.  The swarm of little birds, far too quick for me to identify even if I knew how, spend the day chattering in the cascading clusters of ivy on the back garden wall.  The lower, urgent, mating calls of woodpigeons offer intermittent variation.  After nightfall, the […]

  • Eid

    On this dull and humid morning I had intended to follow Jackie’s suggestion that I take a bus somewhere and walk around there.  As I reached Morden bus station, a few drops of rain suggested I should pay attention to the weather forecast, and stay closer to home.  I therefore backtracked and made a tour […]