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  • Bumping Into Prince Philip

    Early this morning, once again in steady rain, Jackie and I transported another Modus-load of soggy garden refuse to the Efford Recycling Centre, and continued on a damp forest drive. A pair of wet donkeys at East Boldre with little leaves adhering to their spiral-patterned hides hopefully raised their mournful heads as I disembarked to […]

  • Materials Available To Us

    Because of the upcoming bank holiday weekend it will be a few days before I am able to upload more pictures. I am therefore unable to attach new ones to the text of our forest drive of 25th, so I am substituting similarish images from my archives. After a night of what I call proper […]

  • A Tale Of Wasps

    Eleanor is a good-tempered child who doesn’t normally make a fuss. It therefore came as a big surprise when, some time after the above picture was taken at yesterday’s barbecue, she let out a piercing yell and continued to cry. Jackie soon grasped what was wrong and provided the wherewithal to reduce the distress. For […]

  • A Dappled Day

    Yesterday morning Jackie was startled by a thud on the sitting room French windows. Knowing it would have been a bird she investigated and found a stunned young thrush on the other side of the panes. After a while it flew off to the squawking of alarmed parents who could spot Mrs Knight inches away. […]

  • Mind The Sheep

    This afternoon we drove Flo to her parents’ flat at Southbourne where she is to spend a few days. On our return we drove up Roger Penny Way from Cadnam roundabout and back home via North Gorley. Brook Cottage, standing beside the Green Dragon pub on Roger Penny Way, is of a standard New Forest […]

  • Heucheraholics

    After lunch I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/06/26/diary-of-a-good-neighbour/ Then Jackie and I visited Jools, Sean, and Pumpkin at where we engaged in enjoyable conversation, Jackie bought a plant, and I wandered freely with my camera. Afterwards we went on a foal hunt. Donkeys on Bull Hill were the first to oblige. It was only two days ago that […]

  • How To Get Rid Of Dandelions

    I began the last push on clearing the two rooms Nick is currently working on together at 4 a.m. this morning. These are the new sitting room and our bedroom upstairs. Our friendly decorator began prepping before Jackie and I took a mid-morning forest drive. A framed crocheted Queen welcomes visitors to St. Mark’s Church, […]

  • A Hanging Out Nest

    Jackie spent a hot, sunny, cloudless morning continuing her planting while I dead-headed poppies and roses and pulled up a few weeds. Flo joined us on a trip this afternoon beginning with a visit to Otter Nurseries for more plants, and continuing into the forest. Foxgloves lined the verges along Warborne Lane where a burrow […]

  • From High Street To Forest Roads

    This morning I received an e-mail containing photographs from my brother-in-law Ron Salinger from his Spanish holiday with Shelly. These featured a celebration of the victory of the Battle of Albuera, known as the bloodiest battle of the Peninsular War. Here is a link to the extensive Wikipedia entry on the event: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Albuera Afterwards, Jackie […]

  • The House In The Wood

    This afternoon Jackie, Flo, Elizabeth, and I visited The House in the Wood garden outside Beaulieu, under the National Gardens Scheme. The photographs can speak for themselves, although each one is titled in the gallery. Beside Hatchet Lane on our return home we encountered our first foals of the season: both donkeys, and ponies, one […]

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