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  • Whose Carrots?

    On this third dull afternoon as winter attempts a resurgence tomorrow Jackie and I took a forest drive after collecting repeat prescriptions from Milford Pharmacy. Alongside Angel Lane, where we spotted our first clump of bluebells, a pair of forest horses lunched on hay heaps. Silent crows perched beside Milford Road. Jackie photographed me photographing […]

  • “What Are The Effing Chances…..?”

    Our forest trip on another bright and sunny day began with scraping ice off the car. In a field beside an unnamed lane near Gorley Common a sleeping pony stood characteristically with one rear foot bent was not the only backlit equine the we were to see. Ogdens North lies alongside an unmarked muddy lane […]

  • Alice’s Choppers

    I drafted this post yesterday in preparation for a tutorial session with a WordPress Happiness Engineer. This involves more scans of prints from the Isle of Wight holiday photographed on film in August 1980. I have not noted the exact location of any of these images. Here is a cormorant on a wreck, seemingly claiming […]

  • In Their Element

    In steady, heavy, rain this morning Jackie drove us to New Milton to collect my cleaning; to Ferndene Farm Shop for three bags of compost; and to Milford on Sea Pharmacy for a repeat prescription. Now we were out, where could we visit next for a photoshoot but to Keyhaven in search of waterfowl? Watched […]

  • They Think It’s Spring

    On another bright, almost balmy, morning, Jackie drove us out to Hatchet Pond and back. Donkeys, cattle, and ponies, basked, dozed, chewed the cud, or cropped the grass on the approach to the pond. Eyes open or closed, they definitely think it’s spring. Have the usual companions of the sole cormorant on sentry duty metamorphosed […]

  • Catch

    We have been invited to a special meal in celebration of the 30th anniversary of our favourite local Indian restaurant. Unfortunately this is tomorrow – less than a month since my knee replacement surgery. We therefore cannot manage it. This morning, featuring the above photograph, we made a card for Raja and his staff and […]

  • Piper

    As I watched a group of brave people setting up St. James’ Church fete in Martin Way, en route to Cannon Hill Common, I reflected on the fact that most such events have been washed out this year.  Jackie read this morning that the Godiva festival in Coventry, an event which takes a year in […]