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  • Meeting The Grandparents

    Dillon has sent us all a number of photographs from his daughter’s first week of life. He and Flo happily brought her home when she was just 14 hours old. Grandparents Becky and Ian drove them. Our great-granddaughter was then introduced to Jackie and me. Naturally we jumped out of bed and came downstairs in […]

  • A Shared Hairstylist

    This morning I completed an e-mail exchange with Barrie Haynes who had sent me a copy of his latest novel, “Adam”. The book carries a good, intriguing, story written in tight, fast-moving, prose with nothing superfluous. Despite its five star rating on Amazon, the work, on account of the sexual innuendos which some will find […]

  • As Happy As A Pig In The Proverbial

    Earlier today I watched recordings of the rugby World Cup matches between Australia and Uruguay and between England and Argentina. After lunch we took a drive up to the north of the forest. Pigs are free for the next six weeks or so to enjoy searching for acorns and other forest fruits, known as mast, […]

  • The Quiet Coach

    CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Yesterday afternoon Jackie drove me to New Milton where I boarded the train to Clapham Junction. Luci met me there and transported me to her home in Hambalt Road, where I added my signature to various documents as joint executor of Wolf’s will. We then spent the […]

  • Conkers

    Yesterday afternoon Saufiene visited with his brother-in-law, an humidity expert.  He confirmed Saufien’s judgement that an humidifier is need in the cellar and that, fortunately, the water extraction pump just needs a new filter.  The humidifier will mediate the inside and outside temperatures. In the evening and through the night a spectacular thunderstorm cleared the […]

  • Sometimes It Does My Head In

    Steady rain continued as I set off to walk to Staples in South Wimbledon and back.  Kendor Gardens was a playground for big fat brown slugs.  In order not to drip all over the stationery products, I took off my sopping raincoat.  This time the store was open, but had only one of the display books […]