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  • Death Is Now My Neighbour

    I spent much of the day preparing and posting https://derrickjknight.com/2022/04/27/a-knights-tale-128-waiting-on-barbados-part-1/ The rest of my time was spent on reading the final 240 pages of. ‘Death is now my Neighbour’ by Colin Dexter. An Inspector Morse novel – one of those that spawned the long running BBC television Morse series starring John Thaw – this is […]

  • The End Of An Era.

    Our fierce winds of late have ripped open the rather flimsy cover of Jackie’s self assembly greenhouse. This morning we went on a search for something more robust, and eventually found Grow-ArcsĀ at Stewarts in Christchurch. Apart from the display model, there was only one in stock, but because they were slightly smaller than the original, […]

  • Father Brown

    I’m not feeling any better today. This is a little frustrating because yesterday I had been able to think, which hadn’t been possible the day before, so I hoped to be running around again by now. I always was an optimist. Crystal, another blogger, had commented on how difficult it is to be patient with illness. […]

  • Bookmarks

    This morning I finished reading ‘The Remorseful Day’ by Colin Dexter.  This is the final novel in his series about the cerebral Chief Inspector Morse.  A pleasant and intelligent detective story which ends appropriately, if far less dramatically than the acclaimed television series.  I found it impossible to read without visualising, and indeed, hearing, John […]