Tag: Chinatown

  • A Knight’s Tale (66: Horse And Dolphin Yard)

    In 1975 Jessica, Michael, and I settled in Horse and Dolphin Yard in the centre of London’s Chinatown. This photograph of Jessica reflected in the Peel Boys’ Club taken in July that year suggests that our move took place in the summer. The flat was one of two in an historic courtyard building owned by […]

  • ‘If You Don’t Like It, Move’

    Early this morning I did a bit more work on elderly colour slides with which to amplify my residential history.  The Soho years spanned 1975 to 1980.  This is when Jessica, Michael and I lived at 2 Horse & Dolphin Yard.  This mews flat backed onto Gerard Street in the very heart of Chinatown.  From […]

  • Rabbits On The Roof

    Listening to the squirrels scampering on our roof this morning reminded me of those in the loft of Lindum House in Newark who sounded as if they were wearing hob-nailed boots.  It is amazing how much noise they make.  This also gives me an excuse to tell a Soho story. During the middle years of the 1970s we lived […]