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  • Official Status

    This morning Jackie drove me for a short trip into the forest. Bovines basked among the browning bracken of Bull Hill. One couple sat talking on the gravel of Tanners Lane beach; another walked their dogs across it. With the Isle of Wight and The Needles on the horizon, gentle waters gathered in the regular […]

  • Dinner Deferred

    After a visit to the pharmacy in Milford on Sea, Jackie and I took a forest drive. As we entered the narrow Shotts Lane at a point at which it has no passing space we approached a cyclist speaking with two pedestrians standing across the centre strip which doubles as a grass and weed bed […]

  • Burnt And Parched

    This morning Jackie drove me on a forest trip. Pennington Common is about three miles from our home. Bush fires swept across it on two occasions last month. As I left the Modus in which Jackie parked, I spoke to a couple who lived further along the road behind the car. They told me that […]

  • We Ran Out Of Stickers

    Owen signing as witness brought the first of Karen and Barry’s wedding albums to a close this morning. Jackie continues to apply stickers for the start of the second album. After lunch we continued until, on the last of the confetti pages, we ran out of stickers, one of which can be seen on the […]

  • No More Than A Truce

    This afternoon we drove Flo and Dillon to Burley where we left them to wander while we continued the drive and returned for them after 90 minutes. We paused at Bashley where one foal lay flaked out while its mother cast her shadow while nibbling parched grass; while another group took shelter beneath the oaks; […]

  • Selecting Sheltered Spots

    Early this morning Jackie continued the clearance in the Rose Garden. I carted her clippings to the compost bins and carried out more dead-heading before we shopped and the Co-op in Stopples Lane then took a drive into the forest. Well before mid-day shadows flickering in the woodland alongside Bisterne Close manifested as clusters of […]

  • A Delightful Day

    From midday onwards Jackie and I were the official photographers for the most delightful wedding of our friends Karen and Barry Chislett-Bruce. First, beginning with Barry’s son and best man, Owen, and his partner Tori, guests arrived at the Lymington Community Centre where the ceremony was to take place. As we all gathered together, partaking […]

  • Not Until I Had Almost Reached The Modus

    First thing this morning I phoned the Verderers office and sent them a link to my post of yesterday. It seems they did not know of that particular foal. My link has been “sent to the local Agister who will check on the foal and inform the owner.” Immediately after lunch Jackie and I, after […]

  • An Unpleasant Condition?

    This morning Jackie chopped up all the recent garden refuse too large to be composted, for burning, which Flo did this evening, or dumping at the recycling centre; I dead-headed and weeded. For some days now we have been aware of a goldfinch incubating the contents of a nest in Wedding Day rose. We only […]

  • A Hanging Out Nest

    Jackie spent a hot, sunny, cloudless morning continuing her planting while I dead-headed poppies and roses and pulled up a few weeds. Flo joined us on a trip this afternoon beginning with a visit to Otter Nurseries for more plants, and continuing into the forest. Foxgloves lined the verges along Warborne Lane where a burrow […]

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