Tag: Canary Wharf

  • A Knight’s Tale (85: I Was Stitched Up)

    Runners in the London Marathon must run down The Mall, around the corner facing Buckingham Palace, and along Birdcage Walk to the finish, just out of sight, on Westminster Bridge.  Crossing St James’s Park’s Blue Bridge into Birdcage Walk in September 2012, I remembered my nephew, Peter Darby-Knight, bravely struggling to walk to the finish, […]

  • Back Through The Barrier

    CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS ENLARGEMENTS IN GALLERIES Today I scanned the final batch of colour negatives from Norman’s 70th birthday boat trip on 6th April 2002. Some of these are from the start of the journey soon after we left Westminster Pier and people settled down to eat. The Post […]

  • Paddling Along The Thames Part Two

    CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN EACH GROUP TO ACCESS ENLARGED GALLERIES Today I scanned another batch of colour negatives from Norman’s 70th birthday party, the first part of which I featured yesterday. Norman’s guests soon filled their plates with items from the splendid buffet on the lower deck. They then wrapped themselves up in order […]

  • The London Marathon

    It being a much brighter day, I set off for Green Park, travelling by underground.  As I left the flat, it began to rain.  This proved to be nothing more than a shower.  I thought I would walk around this public open space which, when we lived in Soho, was a local haunt.  The station […]