Tag: bookshelves

  • A Good Read

    Much of the day was spent continuing with the filling of the bookshelves. By the time we had finished last night we were both under the impression that we hadn’t been out that day. We’d both forgotten the mere four hours spent on the IKEA trip which we had in our minds relegated to the day […]

  • Twelfth Impression

    This morning the building of the last two bookcases was completed. I managed to unearth the Novels A box and cleared a path to begin placing books on the shelves. That is when Jackie decided that the column of concrete in the left hand corner offended her eye. Worse than that, she had a half width […]

  • Chinese Boxes

    Along the laurel hedge at The Firs there lies a heap of various items that might some day be useful.  By the side of that there is a compost heap.  There are parts of cemented brick pillars from the former pergola which blew down long ago; pieces of wood in various stages of decomposition; bamboos […]