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  • Cruck Frames

    Jackie spent most of the morning watering the garden. I managed a token dead heading session which nevertheless filled two trugs. Nugget even followed me around. It helps if you use his name. Regular readers will know of my penchant for leaving bookmarks or other tokens in my books, for posterity’s pondering. Occasionally previous owners […]

  • Bookmarks To Treasure

    I had a shower this morning. Only those who have for any length of time been confined to strip washes and a head over the kitchen sink can fully appreciate the joy expressed in that statement. At the southern end of the garden stretches the Back Drive which, as far as I am concerned might […]

  • Bookmarks

    This morning I finished reading ‘The Remorseful Day’ by Colin Dexter.  This is the final novel in his series about the cerebral Chief Inspector Morse.  A pleasant and intelligent detective story which ends appropriately, if far less dramatically than the acclaimed television series.  I found it impossible to read without visualising, and indeed, hearing, John […]