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  • Special Anniversary

    It was not until 26th June 2014 that we decided to make a before and after record of the work done on the garden begun on 1st April. We regret not having thought of this from the  very beginning. This was when we decided to turn the remnants of a kitchen garden into a Rose […]

  • Lurking In The Shade

    CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Today Aaron and Robin levelled out the soil flanking the new fence and cleared away our last items of debris in preparation for building a log store. The rubbish included the buried bath, now in its last resting place on the Back Drive, before removal to the dump. […]

  • Before And After: Disposal And Recycling

      Jackie had, of course, not been idle during my trip to Nottingham. She has almost completed preparing the front garden beds for winter. It fell to me this morning just to extract a few stubborn euphorbia roots and reset some of the edging stones. The Head Gardener completed the task this afternoon. Aaron, too, […]

  • Imperial Leather

    Jackie spent the morning weeding and planting. I chipped in with an hour of clearing up the leaves and other debris from our recent burning session. After lunch I received a call from BT level 2. This is a more experienced adviser than the poor cannon fodder who field the first problem calls. Since we […]

  • A Jolly Conversation

    30+ m.p.h. winds howled through the night and continued this morning. Feeling relieved that I wasn’t in the Shetlands undergoing 100 m.p.h. gusts, I walked to Hordle Cliff beach and back. Swaying pine branches were reflected in pools in Downton Lane. I was held up descending the steps to the shingle, and helped back up, […]

  • A Rash Camellia

    While Jackie worked on cold frames this morning, I swept and raked up more leaves. In England it is now compulsory to provide an inventory of those items to be included in the sale of a house. This prevents sellers from surprising purchasers by removing such as light bulbs, door handles, and other removable fittings […]

  • A Grey Day

    Yesterday morning I abandoned all ideas of any other post than the one I wrote as a tribute to Chris. This is because news of his death reached me as we were on the way to New Milton to collect Alison from the station. Before then we had been relieved of our unwanted bath by […]

  • A Ploughing Contest

    Yesterday’s ploughing reminded me of that misty morning of 26th September 1992 when I took a set of photographs of a ploughing contest in Southwell in Nottinghamshire. I could not find the negatives, so I scanned the prints. These images were in such good condition that I had no adjustments to make. Most of the […]

  • One For Barrie

    Sometimes underground, sometimes stuck among the branches of shrubs, a hosepipe trail snakes across the garden. It began coiled up behind a water butt outside the back door. Today Jackie tried attaching it to the outside tap, and followed its path. This was not an easy process, and would have been impossible without the amount of […]

  • The Cat’s Paws

    This morning Jackie carried out further heavy weeding of the oval bed, whilst I didn’t quite manage to empty the bath. First I had to reach the object of my attention. This involved pruning the box hedge which was its first line of defence. Then that of brambles had to be breached. Then what I had […]