The Entertainers

Chris 2.66.001 copyI began the day viewing an e-mail Elizabeth had sent me last night.  I had sent her a scan of the picture of our guitar-playing brother.

She responded with a suggested crop for the exhibition which is really good, and a black and white photo from 1960 which is an absolute must for the display.

The photographer was Chris’s university friend, Alan Sutton.  Chris at 17 with guitar

A power cut delayed my work on these photos.  Soon after it struck, the electricity bill slid through the letter flap and landed on the mat.

Jackie drove us to The Firs for another three or four hours gardening session.  Patio potsOur division of labour was as usual, with me weeding and Jackie potting.  Her replenishment of the patio area has been a mammoth task.

After this we returned home and I printed the pictures before we travelled to Totton to watch Danni’s performance as  Miss Sherman in Totton’s Pocket Theatre production of ‘Fame’.  My niece was involved in amateur dramatics  when she was younger, but has not performed for ten years, and this is the first time I have been to watch her.

Danni in FameDanni in Fame (1)The show was magnificent.  Danni tells me that the cast members are mostly between 16 and 19 years old, which adds to the magic of this most exuberant performance. Danni singing 'These are my children' Her own note-perfect rendering of ‘These are my children’ was heart-rending, and had some of us close to tears.  All my siblings were present, including Jacqueline who had come all the way from Boston in Lincolnshire.  Sisters-in-law Angela and Frances accompanied Joe and Chris.  Joe’s stepson John also enjoyed the musical.

Jackie and I had dined on huntsman’s pie salad before we left.  This was accompanied by Hoegaarden in her case, and by the rest of the Maipo merlot in mine.  When we got home we had our trifle dessert.

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