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  • Further Fox Activity?

    Not having quite enough time this morning to reach the Lyndhurst surgery on foot, I set off three quarters of an hour ahead of Jackie, who followed and collected me as I walked past Sinefield on Forest Road.  She delivered me to the doc’s in good time. My appointment with Professor Lyon-Maris was to check […]

  • The Freehand

    Given that I had an appointment in Lyndhurst at 5.50 this evening, I saved my walk until I could reach there, via Emery Down, by that time.  It was a beautiful day and I arrived just before sunset.  The appointment was with a GP to have a wart burned off my face.  This was a […]

  • Bursitis

    Just after dawn I set off walking to Lyndhurst to visit the GP Surgery.  I took the A337 route which is half a mile less than the Emery Down one, as I wanted to be sure of being in good time.  Consequently I was twenty minutes early, and could easily have chosen the pretty route.  […]