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  • Bumping Into Prince Philip

    Early this morning, once again in steady rain, Jackie and I transported another Modus-load of soggy garden refuse to the Efford Recycling Centre, and continued on a damp forest drive. A pair of wet donkeys at East Boldre with little leaves adhering to their spiral-patterned hides hopefully raised their mournful heads as I disembarked to […]

  • Road Blocks

    Early this sultry late summer morning, Jackie and I transported a few items to the Oakhaven Trust Charity shop and emerged with two Thomas Webb crystal wine glasses. When I quipped that we never came back from the Council dump empty handed I received the riposte: “so you are saying we are like the dump?”. […]

  • Early Signs Of Autumn

    This morning Jackie and I visited Shelly and Ron with presents for my sister-in-law. Jane and Ivy were also present. The little girl was looking bonny and cheerful. Afterwards we took a short forest drive before returning home for lunch. The grey pony habitually risking its throat on barbed wire while checking whether the grass […]

  • Materials Available To Us

    Because of the upcoming bank holiday weekend it will be a few days before I am able to upload more pictures. I am therefore unable to attach new ones to the text of our forest drive of 25th, so I am substituting similarish images from my archives. After a night of what I call proper […]

  • Two Out Of Three

    This afternoon Jackie drove me into the forest. Ponies on the verge of Wootton Road were plagued by flies on this hot and humid day following 48 overcast hours of intermittent rain which encouraged some greening of the grass on the common, where blackberries were looking plumper, as ponies gathered round the trough, the history […]

  • Keen To Chew Oak Cud

    This afternoon I e-mailed a full set of yesterday’s dinner photographs to Becky. These included two more, not posted yesterday, of herself and Flo taken by Jackie; and of her daughter with her grandparents taken by our daughter. Later Jackie visited Ferndene Farm Shop, then took me on a short forest drive. The preponderance of […]

  • No-one Told The Ponies

    This morning Jackie and I transported another car load of garden refuse to the recycling centre then continued into the forest for a short drive. The Pilley Community Shop has moved along the road to the Community Centre. Ponies, including a young one, are still congregating outside. It seems that no-one has told the animals. […]

  • A Tale Of Wasps

    Eleanor is a good-tempered child who doesn’t normally make a fuss. It therefore came as a big surprise when, some time after the above picture was taken at yesterday’s barbecue, she let out a piercing yell and continued to cry. Jackie soon grasped what was wrong and provided the wherewithal to reduce the distress. For […]

  • Still Confined To The Passenger Seat

    As we sat in a queue at the Brockenhurst level crossing this morning I photographed the dry grasses alongside. We were on our way to Streets, the shop which has everything. Jackie took this location photograph, whilst I focussed on the windows when we parked outside it. My more able bodied Chauffeuse also photographed the […]

  • From The Passenger Seat

    This morning Jackie and I drove to The Oakhaven Hospice Trust furniture warehouse on the Ampress industrial estate in order to offer for collection a Chinese oak cabinet which is now surplus to our requirements. I took the opportunity to photograph the parched condition of the surrounding verges. The now golden moorland around Brockenhurst was […]

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