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  • Charles Holden’s Legacy

    TO ENLARGE AN IMAGE, CLICK ON IT. REPEAT IF REQUIRED I have used the London Underground almost all my life. My earliest memory is of visits to South Kensington where my maternal grandparents lived in the early 1950s. It was not until Helen and Bill gave me this book for Christmas that I had ever […]

  • The Vacuum Cleaner

    Yesterday afternoon Jackie drove us to Wimbledon where she attended her former workmates’ office party and I should have had a straightforward District Line journey to Edgware Road whence I would walk to the Akash (see 31st October post) to meet Jessie.  Not a bit of it.  There were no trains in the station.  The […]

  • Yes, We Do Have Toys

    This dull and gloomy morning I travelled by my usual route to Carol’s in SW1.  Yesterday I described a bizarre passenger on the tube, and on 26th September an extraordinary coincidence.  Today I will focus on a typical sample of travellers on London’s underground.  In common with the overground railways London Underground Ltd. no longer […]

  • A Night At The Globe

    I began the day by photographing the corner of the garden in which the new fernery is located, so that Danni can see where it is. Jackie then drove us back to Morden in readiness for a visit to The Globe Theatre this evening.  Sam and Holly had given me two tickets for Richard III […]

  • Back to Normality

    After three weeks in the idyllic village atmosphere of Sigoules I returned to Morden today.  Having spent the morning continuing ‘the big tidy up’, the rest of the day was spent travelling.  By Lydie’s taxi to Bergerac airport; by plane to Southampton; train to Waterloo; and finally tube to Morden. Having started it last night, my […]

  • Busking On The Underground

    Drinking a complimentary coffee in Le Code Bar prior to my departure for England I watched a ceremony on T.V. commemorating French soldiers killed in Afghanistan.  David told me another had joined them.  Why, oh, why do we not learn from history?  How many more young military men and women (not to mention countless forgotten […]