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  • A Knight’s Tale (149: Farewell To Sigoules)

    On the morning of 29th August 2014, beginning with my bedroom, I started the task of reclaiming my rooms. I filled eleven black refuse bags with shoes and clothes from my boudoir, labelled them, and transported them to the hallway, along with the television and its various attachments. Karen Vick, from Leggett estate Agency, came […]

  • A Knight’s Tale (145: Banking On The Bar)

    On a scorching 25th July 2012, Elizabeth drove me to Southampton airport where I boarded a plane to Bergerac to be met by Lydie, my very reliable French taxi driver, waving her arms and striding across the tarmac to embrace me.  She is, incidentally, about a foot shorter than me with the grip of a […]

  • ‘I Can’t Tell Him That’

    1.9.14 Lunch at Le Code Bar today consisted of my favourite onion soup; a slice of pizza similar to yesterday’s, but more piquant; a superbly cooked lean and succulent steak, chips and salad; and coffee ice cream. I asked David to tell Max the steak was ‘mirobolant’, which means superlatively wonderful or marvellous. He replied: […]

  • Twice Assassinated

    9th July 2014 Yesterday evening I read Cicero’s oration ‘Pro Murena’ (For Murena). This was a speech in defence of Lucius Murena, accused of having, in BC63, gained election as consul by bribery. It was the custom of losing candidates, in the hope of supplanting the winners, to prosecute those rivals after the event. Of the […]

  • Sole Survivor

    Yesterday’s mid-day meal at Le Code Bar consisted of a noodle soup, ham salad, and plentiful roast chicken and chips followed by a Paris-Brest dessert, of which a welcome second helping was, with a smile, placed on my table by Fred as I worked on my blog post. Later, I watched Prime Suspect Two. The […]

  • A Bright New Morning

    Yesterday afternoon Saufiene visited with an electrician to repair disintegrated wiring to the landing lamp. In the evening Roger collected me and drove me to the Munns’ idyllic home on a hill above Eymet. From the main road, across the valley, the white new rendering of the tall house with its red-brown tower shone in […]

  • Shoes

    Last night I watched ‘Saints & Soldiers, an excellent film by Ryan Little depicting an heroic ‘journey through the hellish landscape of war-ravaged Europe’ during World War Two, undertaken by a small group of escaped American soldiers and one English airman. It deservedly won 13 international awards. I was familiar with none of the superb […]

  • Technical Frustrations

    Last night the internet reception was hit and miss, which is one reason why my post was shorter than usual (I’ve just lost it again). I was also knackered, but mostly I wanted Orlaith’s photograph to stand alone. This morning, taking advantage of what I thought was a lull in a night of rain, I […]

  • Peepo

    Up early this morning, Orlaith is still wary of me, although she was tempted to peep out from the shelter of her Dad’s legs. When I opened the kitchen bin to add a firmly wrapped up disposable nappy, I found half the contents of the spice rack posted in there. I hadn’t used my printer […]

  • That Champagne Moment

    The mist that enshrowded a recently slumbering Sigoules rousing, stretching, and rubbing its eyes this morning augured as well as yesterday’s clear sky.  We were not disappointed.  We had a gloriously sunny day when Mo, John and I later ambled around Bergerac and did some shopping. As I walked up past Les Caves, from which, […]

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