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  • The High Flying Ball

    Late this morning Jackie drove me to Hockey’s Farm Shop at Gorley Lynch for brunch. The crocheted decoration on the pillar box on Wootton Road is now a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II; next door, an owl keeps watch over the community notice board; the gate of The Poplars on the corner of […]

  • Pigs Can Fly

    This morning was again sunless, but this time rainless, as Jackie and I once more filled our Modus with soggy garden refuse which we unloaded at Efford Recycling Centre (otherwise known as the dump) and continued on a forest drive. We turned left off Camden Lane into another, which soon ran alongside private woodland. Clearly […]

  • One For Tootlepedal

    Jackie and I drove through a succession of heavy showers on a trip to the north of the forest and back. Manic windscreen wipers fought to keep pace with raindrops obscuring vision and sliding across the glass; roadside ditches were filling up and ever increasing circles spread around every drop striking the surfaces of pothole […]

  • Passport Photographs

    At midday Jackie drove us to Hockey’s Farm shop for an excellent brunch and to reintroduce Flo to the north of the forest. Ponies at Ibsley and mossy rooted trees were reflected in the pool that covers waterlogged terrain. Before eating we introduced our granddaughter to Hockey’s humorous alpacas lining up for their passport photographs […]

  • Venison, Chicken, Swans, Ducks, Geese

    Jackie cut my hair after lunch. Then we enjoyed a late afternoon forest drive. Swans, casting long shadows, with a group of mallards, which took to flight upon my arrival, wandered across the sward at Beaulieu River. At East End a donkey and foal clipped a hedge, while a burnished pony watched the traffic passing […]

  • Crossing The Stream

    This afternoon we drove to Pilley where we collected Elizabeth to take her on a photographic trip to the north of the forest and return to our home for dinner. As I stepped out of the car to photograph ponies in a stream at Ibsley I noticed a gentleman with the same aim in mind. […]

  • Woodland Sunset

    At midday Ronan of Tom Sutton Heating visited to make further planned adjustments to our central heating system. Having, in sharp contrast to yesterday’s constant mist, enjoyed a cloudless blue sky with bright sunshine throughout, after a shopping trip to Ferndene Farm Shop, we took a drive into the forest. I was not the only […]

  • More Normal Weather For January

    This morning I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/01/04/a-knights-tale-88-the-firing-squad/ Either side of lunch we cleared most of the various items blocking the areas that Martin P is to start plastering tomorrow. Afterwards we drove to Fordingbridge to deliver a backpack left behind by Stephanie on Boxing Day. We took a leisurely route through the forest. Ponies grazed on the […]

  • Time For A Woodland Drive

    Early this morning Richard and Al of Kitchen Makers visited to cut the bottom off the new inner door and return it to its position. They brought a trestle in order to measure and cut the door in the front garden. Before they put back the door, they carried the long case clock into the […]

  • Burnt Out

    This morning I scanned three more of Charles Keeping’s excellent illustrations to ‘Our Mutual Friend’. ‘Conveniently elevated above the level of the living, were the dead’ ‘Tippins the divine’ The artist’s inspired evocation of Dickens’s ‘The whole metropolis was a heap of vapour charged with muffled sound of wheels’ prompted me to post https://derrickjknight.com/2021/09/11/a-knights-tale-32-the-great-smog/ On […]

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