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  • A Knight’s Tale (Positive Postscript)

    Having completed my story of my place in an era with the Sigoules disaster followed by: ‘Given that, since 9th May 2012, my WordPress blog has been a daily diary and we are now settled in comfortable twilight years in Hampshire’s New Forest, this seems an appropriate time to close the pages of “A Knight’s […]

  • The Dappled Trunk

    This morning I could no longer put off changing the lightbulbs bought yesterday. The picture light which I can reach with the aid of our small stepladder was done then. Three more at ceiling height were a different proposition. A major task ensued, not the least for the photographer who had to get down on […]

  • Confusing Exchange

    Here is one I made earlier. I forgot to post this Upper Drive shot yesterday. Trees in the New Forest don’t just fall down. They grow into all kinds of unusual shapes, such as this one forming a perfect arch through which one can glimpse the A31. Last night I began reading Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel […]

  • Residential History Continued

    As stated yesterday, Jessica, Sam, Louisa, and I moved to Lindum House in Beacon Hill Road Newark, on 10th December 1987.  This home was large enough for all the southern family members to come and stay, and they often did.  Its large garden was a haven for children, as evidenced by this photograph from Louisa’s […]

  • Gladstone’s Landmark

    Today’s advent photograph is a detail of yesterday’s, taken in December 1963.  To me, it resembles a jewelled necklace with a pendant bauble. On Saturday, from our solicitor, we received a batch of papers pertaining to our prospective house purchase.  There were three problems with these.  One document to be signed jointly before a witness […]

  • Proof Of Identity

    This has been a reading week.  I have managed French and German philosophy, and an English historical novel.  But when it came to the electricity meter my performance was subject to certain shocks. In my experience, Southern Electric are the most reliable and understandable of the UK’s multiplicity of utility companies.  They give you a […]

  • Making Connections

    The O2 signal problem at Castle Malwood Lodge continues.  I still had no connection at all this morning.  Jackie’s Nokia, also on O2, had very fluctuating signals.  Buoyed up by a bucket of coffee I decided to ring the provider again.  I was again advised to take the various parts out of my Blackberry.  I said […]

  • Peterson’s Folly

    There is no O2 signal at Castle Malwood Lodge today.  After the period in France I began to worry.  I rang O2.  The French and English experiences are allegedly coincidental.  The man I spoke to, from our landline, of course, told me that O2 had had a complete shutdown yesterday, but all should be back […]

  • The Nuthatch

    Back down to earth after yesterday’s Mottisfont display, we were nevertheless delighted to note the progression of Jackie’s south side garden, begun some time after the kitchen one.  With few exceptions, her plants are benefitting from her love and attention, and the warmer weather. Jackie was running out of certain specific items of bird food. […]

  • Knight & Colbourne Candles

    Jackie, for the second time in two days, drove us to Southampton Parkway to collect Alison who had come for a brief visit.  The M27/A31 going west was almost at a standstill with people pouring in from other parts of the country to take advantage of what seemed to be the first real day of […]