Today we tuned into BBC’s broadcast of the memorably, monumentally, reverential funeral service, bearing some of her own touches; and subsequent procession of the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II through the central London streets I know so well yet have never before experienced, albeit through the television screen, conveying such awesome silence but for the steady drumbeat timing the respectful, restrained, marching of so many dignitaries and others moving in measured unison; every individual participant and assembled group – such as the phalanx of naval personnel in unwavering blocks who replaced the horses which would normally have drawn the massive gun-carriage carrying the coffin – so perfectly choreographed, made their own contribution to the flawless production transmitted around the world in far more an immediate and widespread manner than would be possible for my blog.


At Hyde Park Corner the coffin was gently laid into the hearse which would convey the Queen’s body by roads lined with humble humanity to her final resting place, once more alongside her Consort, Prince Philip, in Windsor Castle’s St George’s Chapel


The escorting convoy was led by a trio of motorcyclists.

This evening we dined on succulent soft centred haddock fishcakes, creamy mashed potatoes, piquant cauliflower cheese, and crunchy carrots. with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank Cariñena Monte Plogar Gran Reserva 2016. Elowen permitting, Flo and Dillon will eat later.

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  1. While South Africa is enduring stage six load shedding, thankfully the power came on in time for us to share in this moving tribute. What a glorious tribute to a wonderful woman!

  2. Yesterday Sunday we have at our home in France an English woman, friend of one of our daughters. She as very moved by the passing of the Queen and she intended to watch the funerals all day.
    I watched too this funerals
    In friendship

  3. I was working, so wasn’t able to watch. I’m so glad to hear it went off well. Your words were lovely. The Queen certainly deserves a fine tribute to her lifetime of sacrifice.

  4. Thanks for sharing this and your words really described it so well
    Also / what a respectful way to honor such a gem of a queen
    (And my mom and I used to love fish cakes)

  5. Wonderful summary. I was impressed with all those sailors towing the caisson with her casket. Originated with at Queen Victoria’s 1901 funeral when the horses of the Royal Artillery wouldn’t move in the cold. The sailors did what the horses wouldn’t and a new tradition was born. The sailors behind the caisson serve as brakes. Magnificent event all the way around.

  6. This was very moving and emotional to view this morning via BBC America, Derrick. May God bless HM Queen Elizabeth II and the King. 🙏🏻🇬🇧😞

  7. My mum, sister and I watched it with you, just a few hundred miles away. It was a fitting tribute by so many to a wonderful lady. I liked seeing her pony waiting. She would have liked that.

  8. It was a wonderful ceremony with aspects which dated back to the 1300s. Not a single person, or horse, put a foot wrong and it was a privilege to watch it, particularly the ceremony at Windsor which was complex and almost philosophical in the points it made.

  9. Unforgettable, yes. ❤️
    Thank you for sharing this, Derrick! I was hoping you would! You always describe things beautifully!
    I get teary-eyed thinking about Elizabeth and Philip being together again.
    We, and so many here, watched the service on television to honor Queen Elizabeth.
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

  10. A concise and beautiful accounting of her funeral, Derrick. As I related to Quercus, “I would prefer to think the Queen is ‘safely home’ now after a long reign and more responsibility and public scrutiny than most folks would want to carry. She is at peace.”

  11. What an emotional ten days it has been.
    We switched on early and watched every moment of the magnificent funeral procession and the Westminster Abbey service. It left us feeling very proud.

    Joshua told me that the queen had requested the service should not be unnecessarily lengthy. I think they achieved it.

    We attempted to watch the arrival in Windsor and the service in the chapel, but by this time, the family had arrived with the six youngest grandchildren, so not as peaceful as it was earlier.

  12. We watched this history as it transpired. I am always impressed by the English loyalty to tradition. It was a magnificent ceremony.
    But one question: I heard that Harry and Megan were stripped of their titles and royalty, yet the announcer called Megan ‘Duchess’ a few times. Can you explain it ?

  13. Because of my illness I get sick if I miss too much sleep, sounds silly but it happens. However, The Queen sacrificed so much I think waking up at 4am is nothing in comparison, so we did and I was glad for it. I watched the entire ceremony, despite it being a workday and I never watch TV during the day – but she deserved it. They did as I knew they would, a stellar job and I was most moved by Emma, her favorite horse, standing with the groom by the side of the road leading up to Windsor. The groom had placed The Queen’s headscarf on the special saddle she rode (incredibly up until July of 2022 despite being 96, something few of us could do at such an age). Emma pawed the ground and whinnied as she went past. I truly believe she knew she had lost her Mistress. I do hope she shall be taken care of, as with all The Queen’s special things, respecting them and cherishing them as we will her, in our memories forevermore. Whatever any of my age and era are saying, I put aside such hate and embrace this once in a life time woman who had a good heart, and worked harder than most. I admire that deeply, as I do her charity, kindness and humor. I have cried a great deal lately owing to her loss. I do not think anyone could be ‘ready’ to lose such a valued person. It also, as others said, reminds us of our personal losses and yet, I found it ultimately positive, because there was love and love never dies. Thank you for this and the other lovely post with the crocheted queen on the post box. It made my heart squeeze. And thank you dearly for the reblog of my poem about The Queen. It was a real honor and I am extremely grateful to you dearest Derrick my friend.

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