I Will Have Known Three

As our nation and the rest of the world reacts to the death of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday afternoon I am prompted to publish this link to


which tells of my headmistress bringing the news of the death of King George VI; the story of how he ascended the throne; and of 10 year old me viewing Queen Elizabeth’s coronation on television.

Three generations of UK residents have never known any other ruler.

With the accession of King Charles the Third I will have known three.

As regular readers will know, Peacock Computers are in the process of taking over the management of my WordPress account. They are experiencing similar difficulties in their communication with the blogging site’s Operator as I had with the Happiness Engineers.

The linked post above has lost one of my photographs. Many are missing from other posts. I really hope this will be temporary. We will see.

Richard of Kitchen Makers visited this morning to fix a leak in out kitchen tap.

This afternoon Jackie drove me to Whites in New Milton to collect dry cleaning – which seemed a bit incongruous on such a wet day.

This evening we dined on salt and pepper and tempura prawn preparations with stir fried vegetables and wild rice accompanied by Peroni in Jackie’s case, and more of the Bordeaux in mine. The young family will eat later.

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  1. I was lambasted online for sharing my sadness of the passing of Queen Elizabeth ll. It saddened me that people will be so rapid to hate, instead of appreciating that someone can be sad even if what that person stands for is not always the very best – it’s more than that and should always be more than that but rarely is online. Anyway I digress. I felt sad. Because my time in the UK was under her reign and you cannot help but be affected in a multitude of ways, not to mention I felt she was very much a worker for her nation, even if some did not agree. Who else works until 96? And in the very days leading up to her untimely passing? I say untimely because I selfishly hoped she’d live as long as her mum. But she did things few of us could ever do and will be remembered, even if the haters think they can drown that out. Shame that respect for her devotion means people automatically have me down as a ‘racist’ which of course, is not synonymous with respect for a Queen of her duration. Sending you both love. xo

  2. Iwas 12 years old when the coronation took place — we didn’t have TV, but I have strong memories of the photos from magazines and newspapers. I will always remember September 8 as the day the queen died — it was also my mother’s birthday, and she also died at age 96, several years ago! So much has happened in the last 70 years — the Queen did a remarkable job of keeping up with the times. It was a very sad day!

  3. I cannot remember the death of the king in 1952 but I remember watching the coronation on a neighbour’s television on the 2nd June 1953. It would be many years until we were lucky enough to have a television in the corner of our room.

    A couple of years later perhaps, with my mum, I stood and watched queen pass by on a canal barge as I waved my little Union Jack.

    I’m so glad you included the link today,

  4. PS. I’m wondering if the leak Andrew mentioned was due to the DFE, they informed schools today that they would not be getting a day off for the funeral.

  5. When I heard that Queen Elizabeth II had died, I cried.
    I have admired her since I started reading about her when I was a little girl. I’ve read so many books about her. I respected so much about her, AND her dedication and service.
    God’s speed, Queen Elizabeth. I know your husband has welcomed you with joy. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

  6. I have read so many hateful comments on Instagram about the Queen’s passing, I just can’t fathom why anyone could be so hateful toward such a beautiful person. God bless the United Kingdom. 🙏🏻🇬🇧❤️

  7. I remember the post about you watching the Queen’s coronation. I felt saddened by her death–the end of an era. She was the last head of state to have served in WWII.
    Good luck with the ongoing photo saga. I smiled at your dry cleaning on a wet day.🙂
    Dinner sounds delicious.

  8. I have never commented before on the Comments, but I would have thought that if somebody dies and you didn’t like them, you should have the basic human decency to keep your mouth shut and not start spreading hatred around. God knows, we have got enough of that. If you’ve nothing nice to say, just shut up.

  9. It was sad to here of the Queen’s death but it had to happen. My dad was same age and celebrated his birthday every year on Australia’s Queens Birthday long week end. I just hoe we don’t go to a republic now. Everyone loved the queen but I think it’s inevitable now with Labour back in power. They have said previously that when our favourite royal is gone they will push for a republic. 🙁

  10. My oldest sister remarked today that she had now lived through 4 monarchs (or perhaps 5 depending on your point of view). I look at her with new respect.

    I hope that Peacock computers comes up trumps. It is very annoying when you are not properly in control of things that matter to you.

  11. I well remember watching Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. I was seven years old, and we had our first television: black and white, with about a 12″ screen. Even on that screen, the magic came through.

    Like every human institution, the monarchy has had its good times and bad — not to mention a few outright rogues. Still, Elizabeth II was both competent and gracious, and dealt fairly well with the enormous changes that came during her reign: not to mention a few family troubles. Besides: no one ever matched up handbags and hats as well as she did.

  12. I’m old enough to remember the formidable appearance of the Dowager Queen Mary. She looked right royal to me!

    Imagine working until you’re 96, and doing such a good job of it.

  13. I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble with the photos, but glad you have experts working on it. I bet they will figure it out. I’m also sorry for the sense of loss of Queen Elizabeth and realizing how little I knew about her. Learning more now.

  14. Queen Elizabeth was so young when she took the throne, and did an admirable job all these years. May she rest in peace now. I saw Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech”. It was an excellent performance.

    I am sorry you are still having WP issues, but glad you have extra help now

  15. I was saddened to hear of the Queen’s demise. I always felt she was a dedicated and gracious lady. I hope Peacock is able to resolve your computer woes.

  16. I think, Drrick, I remember the special train boarding George VI from London to Paris . This train passed in front of my parents’ house ! I was very young !
    In friendship

  17. Such a loss to the world, but she served her time well and deserves her peace. God save the King – I for one believe King Charles III will do an admirable job of following in his mother’s footsteps as one of the world’s too few peacekeepers.

  18. There was a part of me that thought she would just keep on keeping on, foolish I know, but we’ve all lived with her our entire lives, so not surprising.
    May your homeland, and those of us, sons and daughters, who are scattered around the globe who feel our roots there, remain as we all wish it to be in the uncertain times ahead.

  19. Each year at the beginning of the school year, there is a list published of things the new freshmen never knew — things that we all knew but have become history. It is fitting that those new college students have never known a King of England — or that 9/11 (today) is history for those who are now 21 years old. Time passes very quickly, and the routine quickly becomes history!!

  20. What a sad day! Deep down I’ve always hoped that she’ll live forever! You have that feeling about some people that they’ll always exist, and she was one of those for me! Very sad!

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  22. It’s one of those bits of news that is not surprising and yet still a shock. I’ve been fascinated with the British Royal Family since I was a child. Like others have said, she’s been The Queen all my life. It is unfamiliar to have a King. I imagine with so many important other pressing matters, and the monarchy in capable hands, I assume the United Kingdom will press forward. But doubtless there will be a lingering sadness and my heart goes out to everyone who carries the pain of mourning. Queen Elizabeth II was an exceptional person, kind, loving, and witty, not to mention unfailingly dedicated to her country. I am glad to have had the chance to know of her during her lifetime.

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