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This is my Facebook post from 29.4.12, before I had been pointed to this blog:

This weekend we are at my sister Elizabeth’s at West End near Southampton. The idea was to work on the garden, but, forget it. Wet, windy and woeful. Yesterday visited an antiques centre in Wickham, where I made a purchase which cannot be mentioned in case a certain party sees it. Margery, an artist friend of Elizabeth’s heard that I was unsuccessfully seeking out a book, ‘Portraits in Pastels’ which I had owned 30 years ago and given away. I want to get back into portraits. Margery has found the book!
In the evening back to Wickham for another curry at the Veranda.

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  1. I cooked curry sausages yesterday πŸ™‚ Can’t tell you whether they are any good. Went straight on the freezer for stand-by meals. We are having a run of getting home late in the evening, too tired to be bothered with cooking . . . and just perhaps, we will be working on a friend’s garden on Tuesday πŸ™‚

  2. ‘Wet, windy and woeful’ describes the weather here for the past few days. I am always interested looking back in my diaries to see what I was doing at this time of year. Mostly the same old things, unfortunately but I seemed to get more done each day. Getting older is no fun!

  3. You have certainly come a long way since your early posting days Derrick, I’ve looked back on some of mine and deleted a few, that boring I wouldn’t even read them.

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